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This bibliography offers a series of reflections based on Cristian Chironi’s art project; these considerations ranges from car tours of urban spaces to his temporary residence at the Piccolo Museion - Cubo Garutti. The selected books invite us to follow a variety of urban and geographical themes, like the “active landscapes” described in Viviana Gravano’s essay to Georges Perèc’s detailed and poetic analysis of space. From admiring Rem Koolhaas’ futuristic and controversial scenario of binge-construction and metropolitan utopia, the focus the focus shifts to the involuntary art installations (land-art) described by Gilles Clement before finally returning home. Home here is not to be understood simply as an architectural shell, but also in the wider context of Le Corbusier’s theories, which are based on a respect for the relationship between humankind and nature.

reading advice by Alessandra Riggione, Museion Biblioteca and Letizia Basso, Museion Bookshop

Reading advice

01_IT_10 2020_Cristian Chironi

I’m Back, Cristian Chironi

What do the famous architect Le Corbusier Orani - a village in the Barbagia region located in the heart of Sardinia, the sculptor Costantino Nivola and a FIAT 127 painted according to Le Corbusier chromatic color scheme of Le Corbusier have in common? The answer is Cristian Chironi...
Reading tips, with a home and travel focus

Species of Spaces and Other Pieces, Georges Perec

Georges Perec (1936 – 1982) was a French writer and member of OuLiPo (“Ouvroir de Littérature Potentielle”(Workshop for Potential Literature), a group of writers and mathematicians founded in 1960 by Raymond Queneau and François Le Lionnais. A lover of lists and classifications...
03_IT_10 2020_Gilles Clement

Traité succint de l’art involontaire (A Brief Tract on Involuntary Art), Gilles Clément

This book is a kind of educational journey by Gilles Clément (1943), a French botanist, agronomist and writer and one of the most influential landscape gardeners in Europe. Clément classifies different categories of accidental art and prompts us to see it in the chance actions of...
04_IT_10 2020_Le Corbusier

The Home of Man. With a text by François de Pierrefeu, Le Corbusier

Charles-Édouard Jeanneret, better known as Le Corbusier (1887-1965), was one of the most creative and revolutionary 20th century architects and urban planners. In 1942, together with his colleague and friend the engineer François de Pierrefeu, he published...
Reading tips, with a home and travel focus

Delirious New York. A Retroactive Manifesto for Manhattan, Rem Koolhaas

Delirious New York was written by the journalist, set designer, urbanist and architectural theorist Rem Koolhaas (b. Rotterdam 1944). It was first published in 1978 and recently reprinted. In the book the author traces the urban history of New York, from an embryonic Manhattan to...
06_IT_10 2020_Viviana Gravano

Paesaggi attivi. Saggio contro la contemplazione. L’arte contemporanea e il paesaggio metropolitano (Active Landscapes. An Essay Against Contemplation. Contemporary Art and the Metropolitan Landscape), Viviana Gravano

"What counts is the perception of what is outside us, i.e. our context, which can no longer be considered...