Contemporary Art Day 2020, promoted by AMACI, returns on Saturday 5th December

FIAT 127 Special (Camaleonte) - Museion version, 2020 © Cristian Chironi Bolzano, Via Sassari 17b

Museion is taking part with a digital project linked to the artist Cristian Chironi



On Saturday 5th December, Contemporary Art Day, the event that seeks to bring contemporary art to a wider public and is promoted all over Italy by the AMACI (Association of Contemporary Italian Art Museums), returns to celebrate its sixteenth edition. Museion the Bolzano Museum of Modern and Contemporary will also take part in this one-day art festival with a digital project linked to the artist Cristian Chironi. Even if the doors of the museum are closed in line with current Covid limitation measures, Museion remains active with numerous online initiatives.

The “Bolzano Drive” video was made specifically for this Contemporary Art Day. It is a record of the artist Cristian Chironi’s performance that took place on October 3rd. In a special Fiat 127 (aka Camaleonte, or Chameleon) the artist toured the town of Bolzano with a co-driver, collecting impressions, stories and insights. This video celebrates Contemporary Art Day by inviting the public to share this experience from inside the Fiat 127 Special (Chamaleon). The cityscapes, light and time moods, architecture and fragments of conversation enjoyed that day are shown in order to recreate the experience of looking out of that special window while also continuing the act of sharing this logbook on four wheels. The video will be available on Museion’s social channels too. Cristian Chironi’s project continues at the Cubo Garutti in the form of an exhibition that can be viewed entirely from the outside, and includes collages and a sculpture produced during the artist’s residency in Bolzano (that lasts until January 31st 2021).

Cristian Chironi (b. Nuoro, 1974) uses different languages by creating a sort of interaction between them. He has worked on performances and site-specific installations that always seek to interact with the human (public) and environmental (space) context. He is currently working on a project called My house is a Le Corbusier, in which he lives in houses designed by the great architect in twelve different nations. Drive is his latest project that involves driving through different cities in a Fiat 127 Special, called “Chameleon” on account of its ability to change color according to the location in which it stops. In this performance, the artist himself drives the car on a tour of urban reflection and views from a car window.