In memory of Sven Sachsalber

Foto courtesy of the artist

A strong relation is a video made in 2013 by Sven Sachsalber. The image is a circular movement that revolves around the artist who is standing up and looking straight into the camera. He is in an open space that looks like a private car park, surrounded by mountains. A voice off-screen, which is his voice, explains what this relation is and who it exists with.  The merry-go-round created by the camera maps out a visual and geographical field as well as establishing a relationship with the viewer. It (the camera) is like an animal that circles and studies you, before coming too close. It is true that no one is an island, but human beings also have to become islands if they do not want to be submerged. And Sven Sachsalber always started from himself. He always put himself and the person he was on the line. He did it playfully, romantically and deliberately. So, in all his works and in his own way of being, he always began from who he was, from his history and his references and without distinguishing between his personal and his professional life. He openly declared this and often created his projects together with other artists.

This is why Museion does not want to remember Sven Sachsalber only as an artist, but also to pay tribute to his vitality by asking Othmar Prenner, his friend and mentor, to bid him farewell and remember him together with all of us.

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