Piccolo Museion – CUBO Garutti: Cristian Chironi, “Picnic”

Photo Luca Guadagnini/ Lineematiche

Cristian Chironi (b. Nuoro, 1974. Lives and works in Bologna) has lived his residency period in Bolzano in the same spirit as a picnic, where you share food in the open air and pick at different things. For the entire month of October 2020, the artisthas used the space at Cubo Garutti as a studio and meeting point for getting to know the district and city, while staying at the Museion Studio House. He has also explored the city of Bolzano in a Fiat 127 Special Camaleonte (Chameleon) during his “Bolzano Drive” performance.

Chironi’s way of living should be understood as an expanded performance in time and space. The traces of his life are now on display at the Cubo. Two collages include fragments of the local natural and architectural scenery, explored during his month of residence in the 127. The backgrounds of his collages are reproductions of the car designs created by the naturalized French architect Le Corbusier (1887 – 1965), and the wooden frames are also based on a Le Corbusier design.

A table made from a workbench and the bonnet of a Fiat127, painted in a distinct color scheme for the city of Bolzano, indicates the modus operandi that has characterized the artist’s experience in Bolzano.

In this stopover in Bolzano, the artist has continued his exploration of the meaning of living and of what it means to relocate to a new geographical, social and historic context. He has also continued to weave relationships between memory and modernity, the material and immaterial, and personal and collective experience.

Curated by Frida Carazzato