“Space Junk” exhibition – An online conversation with the artist Sonia Leimer

Sonia Leimer, “Space Junk”, Installation view. Foto Luca Guadagnini / Lineematiche

Thursday 03.12.2020 from 7 to 8pm
in Italian
A Facebook Live Stream on the Museion page (Museion Bozen-Bolzano)


On Thursday 3rd December at 7pm, Museion offers a special insight into the artist Sonia Leimer’s “Space Junk” exhibition that is currently closed in line with current Coronavirus limitation measures. The co-curator, Frida Carazzato and Sonia Leimer will talk about the artist’s book that has just been released to accompany the exhibition. Conceived as a kind of logbook for the entire project, the book is enriched with material collected before and during the lockdown last spring and the exhibition at Museion that opened last October. The publication also includes articles by Letizia Ragaglia and Silvia Eiblmayr. After the conversation, the new video Eden that was also produced for the exhibition at Museion, will be made available online.

As the title suggests, Space Junk focuses on space waste, i.e. the parts of satellites and space probes that fall accidentally to earth. Space junk, in fact, is the artist’s starting point for exploring our present world from a range of perspectives. It is a world shaped by ideas of modernity and progress that has now been forced to confront visions of an uncertain future, in a state of permanent crisis. The current global pandemic underlines the relevance of the issues highlighted by the artist even more firmly.

This virtual meeting is part of a series of online events held every week by Museion in order to continue providing in-depth information about the exhibitions in progress and stay at the public’s side. Save The Date: The next event in the programme is a conversation on Thursday 3rd December between the famous explorer, writer and collector Erling Kagge and Andreas Hapkemeyer from Museion. Kagge is, in fact, curator of the “Walking, Movements North of Bolzano”: show: an exhibition that presents, for the first time ever in Italy, a selection of over sixty works from his collection in a fascinating journey from Oslo to Museion in Bolzano.

Frida Carazzato, the co-curator of the exhibition, talks to the artist