Museion pays tribute to Sven Sachsalber

Sven Sachsalber, "Hands – Die rothaarigen sind gescheit – aber auch sehr sensibel", MUSEION PROJECT ROOM. Curated by Frida Carazzato. Installation views, Museion Bozen/Bolzano. Foto: Augustin Ochsenreiter. © Museion

Museion pays tribute with a special podcast to the South Tyrolean artist, Sven Sachsalber (Laces, Val Venosta 1987-2020), who died prematurely last December. Mara Lea Hohn, Nadia Tamanini and Nicole Fersko read a text written by the artist Markus Vater, and published in conjunction with Sven Sachsalber’s exhibition at Museion, in 2014.

Trying to follow the course of this brook is what the artist Markus Vater seeks to do in his story. And the “brook” is Sven Sachsalber.  The surname of the text ‘s author, Markus Vater, echoes the word play between the name, meaning and theme of the exhibition, that was dedicated to the relationship between father and son, their story and how art can recount or create a relationship.

The podcast is one of a series of events that are part of the new Museion Passage format. This space on the ground floor of the museum is, in fact, a place where the public and the Museion collection can come together and bond with current affairs. Even if the Passage cannot be visited physically because of the Covid emergency, Museion is making its voice heard and its presence felt through various initiatives and digital channels.

To access the podcast click on this link.