“World Framed” – Roberta Dapunt

Photo Samira Mosca

Museion presents five video interviews that explore the five worlds of Matt Mullican. A series of online conversations inspired by the American artist’s installation at Museion Passage begins


This Museion initiative, that seeks to weave a conversation between art and various other disciplines, such as neuroscience, linguistics, philosophy, literature and design, features five online interviews inspired by the American artist, Matt Mullican’s artwork “102 Signs for a Museum Fence” and will begin on the ninth of February. The installation, which has been on display on the ground floor of Museion since last November, marks the opening of a new format at Passage, in which works from the museum collection will be exhibited independently of the other exhibitions on display.

Mullican’s installation presents a system of colored symbols and pictograms that, according to the artist, reflect the world in which we live in a system divided into “five worlds”. Each of these worlds corresponds to a different level of our perception. So, Mullican’s universe is the ideal starting point for interdisciplinary conversations. The people involved, all of whom live or work in the local area, have been asked to create a conversation between the artwork and the sphere in which they conduct their profession or research, in order to create a perspective on the world in which we live.

The first appointment with the poet Roberta Dapunt on the “world within a frame”, will be held on Tuesday 9th February. Dapunt has been invited to talk about what Mullican calls the “world within a frame”. Represented by the color yellow, the world within a frame refers to the elements that acquire value through culture and science. Dapunt will base her contribution on language, the starting point not only for her writing, but also her relationship with the ‘other’.


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This will be followed by discussions with the neuroscientist Corrado Corti, the linguist, Stephanie Risse, the philosopher, Paola Giacomoni, and the designer, Antonino Benincasa.


ROBERTA DAPUNT is an author, born in Val Badia in 1970. She has published several poetry collections including, Einaudi La terra più del paradiso 2008, Le beatitudini della malattia 2013, Sincope 2018. Folio Nauz, Gedichte und Bilder 2012, dies mehr als Paradies / la terra più del paradiso 2016, die krankheit wunder / le beatitudini della malattia 2020. ‹Wege durch da Land› Rede an die Sprache, eine einfache Rede 2014. Il Ponte del Sale Nauz, versi ladini 2017. NAUZ, a film by Jochen Unterhofer and Florian Geiser, Ammirafilm 2016. Scrivo ad alta voce, Roberta Dapunt, a film by Pier Paolo Giarolo and Antonio Dalla Palma Outroad 2020. A number of her poems have been set to music.