ordnen: Das zeichnerische Werk, Arbeiten und Texte, Hans Knapp

The artist’s book ordnen is the summa of Hans Knapp’s artistic experimentation, conveyed in the pages of this impressive new volume. Marion Piffer Damiani’s afterword clearly outlines the link between the drawings of the Bressanone-born artist and the physical object of the book, which becomes a distinct medium of artistic expression and an artwork in its own right: “The arrangement of single sheets and picture sequences page by page, an inherent characteristic of the book medium, is conducive to Knapp’s artistic practice of creating small summaries within the note boxes that compose his drawings, with individual miniatures or entire image sequences grouped in hypertext-like units on a single sheet. The book incorporates these fragmentary arrangements into a broader context, applying a higher principle.” (Hans Knapp, ordnen, pp. 859-860)

ordnen: Das zeichnerische Werk, Arbeiten und Texte
Klagenfurt: Ritter Verlag, 2020
ISBN: 978-3854156093
896 pages, 18×6,5×27 cm
German edition; afterword by Marion Piffer Damiani translated in English
Artist’s book