Supplemento al dizionario italiano. Supplement to the Italian Dictionary. Supplement au dictionnaire italien. Anhang zum italienischen Wörterbuch, Bruno Munari

Bruno Munari (b. Milan, 1907-1998) was an Italian painter, designer and artist. He is considered a central 20th century figure, thanks to his fundamental contribution to different fields of both visual expression (painting, sculpture, cinematography, industrial design and graphics) and non-visual expression (writing, poetry and teaching). In this edition, written in four languages, he describes ironically, but with near scientific precision, various modes of self-expression that do not require words. Communication via hand gestures, facial expressions and body language are linguistic forms. Some of these gestures have become extraordinarily universal, while others continue to clearly reflect their place of origin.

This collection, which is accompanied by photographs and illustrations, reconnects us to the theme of a language and artistic expression beyond the traditional barriers of written language. Gestures, the power of signs, pictograms and iconic language demonstrate that they can be employed and fully understood by people of different language groups and nationalities.

Bruno Munari
Supplemento al dizionario italiano
Mantova: Corraini, 2019, 20th reprint
ISBN: 9788886250917
Multilingual edition: Italian, English, French and German
118 pages