Tracce di Blu, Fabiola Naldi

“Since the early 2000s, many cultural operators active on the street have changed the way we perceive, use and share what was previously regarded as public space. The physiognomy of the city and the parts of it which have become ‘famous’ thanks to the intervention of street artists like Blu, have changed as a result of these improvised, often painted works, which have often made the city more ‘precious.’ A society that creates urban space is also defined by certain works, which, over time, have become an integral part of such places. This reality is an inevitable part of any discussion about public art or any discourse that seeks to abide by artistic, economic and value-based processes that make a specific part of a town or city a place to which many people return.” (Fabiola Naldi, Tracce di Blu (Traces of Blu), p. 5)

Blu is an Italian artist, who was probably born in Senigallia in around 1980.

Fabiola Naldi is an art historian, critic and curator. She is a lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna and at the University of Bologna. She is also a correspondent for Flash Art magazine.

Fabiola Naldi
Tracce di Blu
Milan: postmedia books, 2020
ISBN: 9788874902958
Italian edition
84 pages