At the Cubo Garutti the cosmology of artist Matt Mullican in the exhibition “Untitled”

Matt Mullican. Untitled (Element), ca. 198. Photo: Augustin Ochsenreiter. © Collection / Collezione / Sammlung Johann Widauer, Innsbruck

Until 13th June 2021
The works can be seen simply by walking past


Up until 13th June, the Cubo Garutti presents Untitled, five flags created by the American artist Matt Mullican in 1980. The exhibition at the Cubo is connected to Mullican’s artwork “102 Signs for a Museum Fence” that is currently on display at Museion Passage. This large installation features 102 signs that, according to the artist, describe real life by organising it into a simple, hierarchy-free cosmology. The shapes and colours of this special “cosmology” have therefore been extended to Cubo Garutti, thereby creating an ideal connection with Museion Passage.
The five flags displayed inside the Cubo display five different combinations of shapes and colours that depict five categories through which the artist imagines the world we live in. The idea of signs as language is represented, for example, by a black and white flag. The red flag with two circles at the centre represents the individual, whereas everyday life is represented by a white circle on a blue background. Mullican’s flags can be seen at Cubo Garutti simply by walking past.


Museion has also organised a series of online interviews around Mullican’s work with experts in different disciplines from neuroscience to linguistics, philosophy, literature and design. The interviews can be seen on the Museion website and YouTube channel.


Piccolo Museion- Cubo Garutti, Via Sassari 17 b, Bolzano