Giving culture a voice: Museion launches its initiative Here To Stay – we are here to stay!

From 12th April to 9th May 2021

In this strange, out of the ordinary time, Museion is seeking to give culture a space and voice by launching Here To Stay – we are here to stay! The initiative has grown up around the “Here to Stay” show on exhibition at Museion from 25th March, that is made up entirely of donations and long-term loans to the collection. In fact, in addition to its exhibitions, Museion has continued to work on a long-term perspective that seeks to reinforce the collection and, therefore, the museum’s future sustainability.

To mark the occasion, the large space on the fourth floor has been deliberately left empty. On one hand, this vacuum is an indicator of the difficult situation that culture is currently going through having been deprived of the public’s physical presence for such a long time. But on the other, this emptiness is also a space and an opportunity for the local area’s lively cultural panorama to express itself in. Because culture is here and has never stopped!

In this sense, Museion is inviting local Alto Adige/Südtirol operators and institutions to “use” this space and make their voices heard through free contributions from a wide range of sectors from poetry to music, visual arts, dance and beyond.
The contributions will be live streamed to the public from Museion’s website and YouTube channel, that will then relaunch them through its other social channels. Each contribution will also be recorded and included in a final video document that will be a kind of lively collage bearing witness to this strange moment in time and repeating to the world that culture is here to stay!


With the support of Gruppo Santini Spa