The artist Hans Knapp talks Marion Piffer Damiani through his “ordnen” exhibition at Museion Passage

Photo Museion

Thursday 20th May at 6pm

In German.
Reservations and a Corona Pass are required to visit the exhibitions.


Thursday 20th May at 6pm Museion invites you to a special guided tour. The artist Hans Knapp (b. Bressanone, 1945) will talk Marion Piffer Damiani through the artworks exhibited in his exhibition at Passage and his new artist’s book “ordnen” (order), while also explaining his artistic and philosophical work in general.

The book ordnen offers an ample overview of the last four decades of Knapp’s work and therefore his entire oeuvre. The exhibition at Museion Passage includes a selection of the original drawings published in the book and a large-scale work from the Museion collection which comes from Knapp’s Tholos project and is also documented in his artist’s book. While talking to Marion Piffer Damiani, the curator of this volume, the artist will illustrate this “map of a lifetime’s work”. The visit will be in German. Attendance is free, but reservations are required and limited to 10 people. To reserve a place write to or phone 0471 223413 during Museion opening hours.
In addition to the tour with the artist Hans Knapp, like every Thursday, Museion will be open until 10pm with free admission from 6pm onwards. At 7pm the usual free guided tours of the exhibitions will be held (in Italian and German). Reservations are required for these exhibitions too and can be made by contacting  o telefonando al numero 0471 223413.


Please remember that to be admitted to the exhibitions and the guided tours inside the museum you will need to present a Corona Pass.