Museion Ink. meets Bolzanism Museum

Museion Ink. In collaboration with the Bolzanism Museum


Texts, performing art and therefore body, space and voice are the key elements in this video that captures young people taking part in a theatre workshop organised by the Bolzanism Museum, with Lucas da Tos. The workshop was included at the end of a cycle that focused on urban and public space as the research material for our special Museion Ink meets Bolzanism events.

The participants stage, perform and read the material produced in Mail Art writing activities. The workshops, which took place last winter during the museum lockdown, looked at the five worlds that recount the universe of “102 Signs for a Museum Fence”.

Museion Ink. is a cycle of creative writing meetings that are held every month at Museion as part of the exhibitions that are on display. The cycle encourages participants to engage with artistic, social and aesthetic issues through free, personal and experimental writing.


Watch the video here


Video: Marina Baldo