TECHNO Playlists • Playlist #1 • Giulia Gutterer

Image: Alberto Troia (Kyselina)

For the TECHNO exhibition, some representatives of the global techno scene, including DJs, producers, record labels and organisers will produce playlists that will represent the richness of different styles and voices expressed by club music over the decades.


TECHNO Playlist #1 • Giulia Gutterer

Giulia Gutterer is an Italian DJ hailing from the deepest North of Italy – Bolzano – and based in Berlin for almost a decade. Never a huge lover of the fastest beats, she found her home in all sounds resembling Italo disco, Hi-NRG, New Beat, New Wave, and all things Electro in between, but always a little stompy and never too foregone. She works for the Italian imprint Slow Motion, headed by Fabrizio Mammarella and Franz Scala as the label booker and as a promoter for the infamous Wrong Era parties.

For this first playlist, Giulia chose tracks that echo the dawn of electronic music currents that will influence North American and European club music in the 1980s: “This playlist is a little bit of everything that really blows my mind away, there is stuff from the past that made me become passionate about a certain music genre and some latest releases that are just pure bangers, that I always try to play.”


TECHNO Playlist #1 is now on Spotify.