TECHNO Playlists • Playlist #3 • Judith Daporta

Image: Alberto Troia (Kyselina)

For the TECHNO exhibition, some representatives of the global techno scene, including DJs, producers, record labels and organisers will produce playlists that will represent the richness of different styles and voices expressed by club music over the decades.


TECHNO Playlist #3 • Judith Da Porta

“As a member of the VirusClub collective, I contribute to the organisation of some excellent, unconventional festivals.

If I allow myself to perform, it’s as a Youdiditagain. Someone said to me the other day that we live in a pluralistic world. I am fascinated by the casual openness and prudish indignation, the black gloom and colourful loveliness, the exuberant exuberance and stiff seriousness that the scene evokes, radiates and generates.

When choosing music, I concentrate on the feelings that the sounds trigger in me. With this, I try to move people, to captivate them, to inspire them. Fast, melodic rhythms and spacy acid techno are my favourite. For this playlist, I create a whirlwind of different, yet coordinated impressions.


TECHNO Playlist #3 is now on Spotify.