TECHNO Playlists • Playlist #4 • Philipp Kieser

Image: Alberto Troia (Kyselina)

For the TECHNO exhibition, some representatives of the global techno scene, including DJs, producers, record labels and organisers will produce playlists that will represent the richness of different styles and voices expressed by club music over the decades.


TECHNO Playlist #4 • Philipp Kieser

Philipp Kieser lives to merge and transform. He does it while running his labels Culture Assault and Ritual Tekno, setting up events such as HOSPIZ and instigating collectives like MIK.

Experimental music and challenging underground culture are his weapon of choice when it comes to activist-like engagement: His ultimate resistance tool against an expanding culture of mediocrity worldwide.

“The selection reflects my background from early broken beat tracks that lured me into electronic music to a today’s panorama of my favourite militant speed head sound and form-defying experimental pieces. Everything is Techno – connect the dots!


TECHNO Playlist #4 is now on Spotify.