TECHNO Conversations • Episode #7 • Menishu

Image: Alberto Troia (Kyselina)

“TECHNO Conversations” is a series of periodic podcasts in which some of the many aspects linked to the history of raves and clubs, such as communities, economies, stories and trends are investigated through the testimonies of protagonists including theorists and reporters.


In episode 7, Reece Cox interviews Menishu.


Menishu is resident DJ at OMOH, a party that—since 2016—has become a pillar of Budapest’s underground queer movement. Menishu refers to OMOH as a “a safe haven for queerdos, weirdos and other misfits”. Here, he opens up about the project he co-founded, about the roles that nightlife has in organizing a queer community in a LGBTQ+ adverse political climate. Voice: Reece Cox; author: Francesco Tenaglia; production: Cashmere Radio; opening and closing track: Scum Collective.


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