TECHNO Conversations • Episode #11 • Oroko Radio

Image: Alberto Troia (Kyselina)

“TECHNO Conversations” is a series of periodic podcasts in which some of the many aspects linked to the history of raves and clubs, such as communities, economies, stories and trends are investigated through the testimonies of protagonists including theorists and reporters.


In episode 11, Francesco Tenaglia interviews Oroko Radio.


Oroko is a not-for-profit independent internet radio station based in Accra, Ghana ( Launched in 2022, the radio seek to reclaim and recenter narratives from the African and Diasporic artistic communities with a particular focus on local perspectives in Accra, in addition to cultivating and nurturing relationships with like-minded projects across the globe. Oroko Radio focuses on alternative techno, house and electronic music sounds and thoughts coming from and influenced by the African continent. The project’s founding team is a group of industry professionals/artists with roots in West Africa (Ghana, Nigeria) and Europe (Germany, UK), with a wealth of experience and an extensive network in music, radio, visual arts, film and dance.


Episode #11 of TECHNO Conversations is now on Podomatic and Spotify.