TECHNO. Community gathering & discussion panel

TECHNO. Community gathering & discussion panel

Museion fourth floor
25/11/2021, 18.30 – 20.00

A look at the past, present and future of the Alto Adige techno scene to find new inspirations and connections. With this aim Museion invites you to an evening event on the techno music scene in Alto Adige on Thursday 25th November, from 6.30 to 10pm. The event is part of the “public program” for the Techno exhibition currently on display at Museion. A special section of the exhibition, in fact, presents the first record of the various techno scenes in Alto Adige as well as tracing the network of communities that are active in this area. The evening of November 25th (from 6.30 to 8pm, in Italian and German) will feature a discussion between different leading figures on the local techno scene, such as Antonio Lampis, Director of the Italian Culture Department for the Province of Bolzano, aka DJ Lampis; Martina Kreuzer, a long-term collaborator with the Transart Festival and expert in the Alto Adige interdisciplinary music and visual arts scene; Philipp Kieser, an experimental music activist and promoter, and Martin Retter, DJ, musical producer and artist. The evening will be introduced by Bart van der Heide, the Museion director, and the discussion will be moderated by the critic Francesco Tenaglia, who is also a member of the international team that co-curated the exhibition. The event and discussion will be held in the splendid setting of the fourth floor of Museion, amongst the installations that make up the exhibition, like the maze of inflatables by the artist Jan Vorisek.

How did techno music come to Alto Adige and how did it develop into a cultural phenomenon here? These are the questions that Antonio Lampis will focus on as well as the connections between subculture and high culture inherent in this kind of music. Martina Kreuzer will look at the interdisciplinary music and visual arts scene that she is an expert in. Philipp Kieser, on the other hand, will analyse the effect of the Covid pandemic on the techno scene, as well as examining new perspectives and scenarios and imagining possible developments. Last of all, Martin Retter, who lives in Vienna, will offer a perspective from abroad on how this music scene has developed in Alto Adige compared to large cities or other similar or rural locations. Retter will also talk about the connections between live music and performance.

Remember too that, like every Thursday, admission to Museion is free from 6 pm onwards. Access to the discussion is also free.

To enter Museion, all visitors are required to show a Green Pass.