TECHNO. Forward Female Techno Culture

TECHNO. Forward Female Techno Culture

Museion takes part in Contemporary Art Day with a packed programme based on female participation and techno music.
Saturday 11th December, 10am – 8pm
Free entry

Reserve tickets available here


On Saturday 11th December, Contemporary Art Day, the key event promoted by AMACI – the Association of Contemporary Italian Art Museums – takes place all over Italy. For seventeen years now this event has been involving museums, foundations, public and private institutions, galleries, studies and artists’ spaces to recount the vitality of contemporary art in Italy.
The events at the various museums involved in the 2021 Contemporary Art Day are centred around the leitmotif of performance, designing new dynamics for interacting with and involving the public, and sharing space. So, this Art Day is a time for starting anew and looking at the social impact of the museum on the community. The lead image for this 2021 edition is the work Jurong Bird Park by the artist Armin Linke, that is both a theatrical performance and a display of elements that represent a concept of natural landscape.


Museion is taking part in this one-day art festival with a series of initiatives based around the Techno exhibition. Under the motto of “Forward Female Techno culture”, these activities seek to involve different sections of the public and therefore expand the museum dimension, which is seen as a horizon of sharing and inclusion, based on a vision of mixed genres and disciplines. For this event, the museum will extend its opening times from 10am to 8pm and admission will be free (last admission at 7.30pm). For the entire afternoon, from 2 to 6pm, expert art mediators will welcome visitors in the museum rooms for “Conversations about Art’”, informal exchanges on the works presented in the “Techno” exhibition and contemporary art in general. At 5pm guided tours of the exhibition will be held in Italian with Roberta Pedrini, and in German with Brita Köhler (reservations are required and can be made by writing to o tel. 0471 223413).


From 3 to 5pm Museion invites the public to take part in “Disc Women”. This workshop, organised in collaboration with the Merano-based Jungle Music Incubator Youth Center focuses on women, the electronic music scene and, in particular, DJing, that is to say, the art of mixing sounds performed by disc jockeys in clubs and discos. This workshop, led by Fabian Carano aka Toni Telefoni will touch on the basic techniques of DJing, including looping, special effects and mixing with CDs and vinyl. It also provides tips on how to select and mix genres, tell stories with music and find your own style. The meeting will examine other aspects, too, like training and the empowerment of women in the music industry and on the club scene, especially in a sector like DJing, where men have always predominated. In this sense, the workshop will be the first step in the creation of a network of women DJs in Alto Adige. “Disc Women” is open to girls aged 14 upwards, adult women, trans* and non-binary people, and anyone else who is interested in DJing or already a DJ, but wants to learn more. Admission is free, but reservations are required (write to or call 0471 223413. Maximum number of participants: 10. Languages: Italian and German)


Female empowerment and presence on the electronic music scene will also be the focus of a discussion that will take place between 6 and 7.30pm both in-person and online, on the social media channels: Museion Facebook, Instagram and YouTube (in German). How has the electronic music scene developed in Alto Adige? What can we learn about creating a network of women DJs in Alto Adige from urban centres like Vienna and Berlin? These issues will be discussed by Elisabeth Falkensteiner, who is both a DJ and curator of visual arts, sound and language for international projects, like the 2021 Vienna Biennial, Sounds of the Living, Angewandte Festival 2018 & 2019, and Judith Daporta, artist, DJ, and organiser of alternative events like the Foehrentanz-Festival as part of “the VirusClub-Collective”. They will be joined by Valeria Merlini, DJ, avant-turntablist, sound artist and curator from Berlin, and Hannes Goetsch, an organiser of cultural events, creator and strategic head of “BASIS – Vinschgau Venosta”, and founder of the music collective “RVTK – revoltekk”. The meeting will be moderated by Martina Kreuzer, editor of the television show dF-das Frauenmagazin, and introduced by Bart van der Heide. The Museion Director will talk about the museum and his role as agent and promoter of female techno culture.


The Art Day will end with a DJ set live streamed on Museion social media channels with DJs Alpi, Nirak and Misonica (from 7.30 to 10pm).

To access Museion visitors must show a green pass and wear a protective face mask; to access the panel visitors must show a super green pass and wear a FFP2 protective face mask.