Encounters on the elsewhere: Claudio Rocchetti & Andrea di Michele #MuseionPassage #APossibleArchive

Encounters on the elsewhere: Claudio Rocchetti & Andrea di Michele #MuseionPassage #APossibleArchive


This video will be available from Tuesday 1st February on the Museion YouTube channel “MUSEIONbz


The three video interviews, produced as part of the Techno project for the Museion Passage exhibition space, are part of an ongoing research project on the cultural legacy of techno in South Tyrol.
The protagonists of these conversations are not only the individuals, coming from different fields of research and active in the region, but also the very spaces in which these individuals met for the interviews. The theme of ”elsewhere”, chosen as the underlying theme of these three meetings, is a central concept not only in the techno (or tekno) experience, but also in certain cultural, social and economic practices active in the region of South Tyrol.
To adopt the thinking of Franco La Cecla, anthropologist and architect, for whom the outskirts are the place where “the future of cities is hatched, shaped, what will give meaning later to the planned or unplanned remnants”, the elsewhere becomes a space that is sought after, in demand, and very often collectively inhabited.
On the topic of various ‘elsewheres’, both historical and individual, political and in terms of resistance, Claudio Rocchetti (musician) and Andrea di Michele (historian) gave their views in the space of the disused power station Alperia St. Antonio – Bolzano. The St. Antonio power station, where the meeting between Claudio Rocchetti and Andrea di Michele on the region’s industrial history and techno heritage took place, was the scene of the “Day Rave” by artist Isabel Lewis during the opening days of the Techno exhibition. The project was made possible thanks to a collaboration with the Transart Festival and with ALPERIA.

This video is in Italian, with subtitled versions in English and German available.

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