TECHNO Conversations

Image: Alberto Troia (Kyselina)

“TECHNO Conversations” is a series of periodic podcasts in which some of the many aspects linked to the history of raves and clubs, such as communities, economies, stories and trends are investigated through the testimonies of protagonists including theorists and reporters. The series focuses on key historical moments and nightlife geography.


There will be twelve podcasts in total of which the first four are:

10/09/2021 • Simon Reynolds – one of the greatest living music journalists who will talk about the crucial role of London in the evolution of electronic music in the 90s.
23/09/2021 • Nyshka Chandran – who will talk about the recent evolution of club culture in South-East Asia.
07/10/2021 • Tim Lawrence, Historian – on the relationship between the entertainment industry, real estate, the outsourcing of economies and city branding.
21/10/2021 • DeForrest Brown Jr. – on the relationship between black activism and techno music.
04/11/2021 • Invernomuto – On post-colonial, migratory, transnational, and diaspora studies and the sound trajectories that crossed and cross the Mediterranean.
18/11/2021 Pavel Milaykov – Moscow-based producer also known as Buttechno.
02/12/2021 • Menishu – resident DJ at OMOH, Budapest, talks about roles that nightlife has in organizing a queer community in a LGBTQ+ adverse political climate.
16/12/2021 • Luca Dalmasso –  DJ and electronic music producer born and raised in Bolzano and based in Berlin.
20/01/2021 • Whitney Wei – Editor-in-Chief at Resident Advisor shares her point of view on the potential of scenes in community building and civic activism.
03/02/2022 • Francesca Gavin – Francesca Gavin is a writer, editor and curator based between London and Vienna.
03/03/2022 • Oroko Radio – Oroko is a not-for-profit independent internet radio station based in Accra, Ghana.
10/03/2022 • Stefan Goldmann – Stefan Goldmann develops music which is derived from the fundamentals of techno and the characteristics of related media formats.


Podcasts will be published on Podomatic and Spotify.


A series of podcasts conceived and authored by Francesco Tenaglia.