TECHNO Playlists

Image: Alberto Troia (Kyselina)

For the TECHNO exhibition, some representatives of the global techno scene, including DJs, producers, record labels and organisers will produce playlists that will represent the richness of different styles and voices expressed by club music over the decades.

The playlists will be published on Spotify every second week from September 16th until mid-March 2022.

A series of playlists curated by Francesco Tenaglia.


16/09/2021 • TECHNO Playlist #1 by Giulia Gutterer 

30/09/2021 • TECHNO Playlist #2 by Davide Piras

14/10/2021 • TECHNO Playlist #3 by Judith Daporta

28/10/2021 • TECHNO Playlist #4 by Philipp Kieser

25/11/2021 • TECHNO Playlist #5 by Bangkok Community Radio

09/12/2021 • TECHNO Playlist #6 by Wolfgang Voigt

13/01/2022 • TECHNO Playlist #7 by Kleine Pia