Inauguration: OPENING THE PILL


November 17, 18:00
Free entry


OPENING THE PILL will explore (mental) health as a technology, whose biotechnological apparatuses produce definitions like sick, healthy, dependent and sober in a constant negotiation between body and machine, organic and artificial, natural and synthetic.

In this context the pill becomes the starting point and the means for presenting alternative practices and perspectives of emancipation. “Opening the pill” means getting to know the technologies that are changing us today and discovering our political relationships with the technology that we have become.

Starting from well-known pills, such as estrogens, anti-depressants and stimulants, the events of OPENING THE PILL will touch on various fields to highlight the complexity that underlies our relationship with these biotechnologies. Conceived as a conversation with a range of different voices that interact in talks, workshops, performances, reading groups and interventions in the public space of Museion, this performative symposium will involve different audiences in a wide variety of experiences that also include sharing stories.


18:00 Charlie Laban Trier: Surfacing HypoKrisia

18:30 Opening event, an introduction curated by members of the Content Group

19:00 Marina Orlova: Dance, Neurodiversity and Robots (virtual performance)

20:00 Josefine Aavild Rahn: One Woman Musical