Break the silos#2: Fast forward the cultural mycelium. BASIS in collaboration with Museion

Foto: Basis

Foto: Basis

Break the silos#2: Fast forward the cultural mycelium
BASIS in collaboration with Museion

Thursday 15 December 2022 from 5pm to midnight

A day of events to inspire, innovate, activate, support the local community, and open up new cultural paths for current and future generations



On Thursday 15 December 2022, from 5pm to midnight, Museion will host Break the Silos#2 – Fast forward the cultural mycelium, a day of activities produced in collaboration with BASIS Vinschgau Venosta on the occasion of the exhibition Kingdom of the Ill. Initiated by and for the community and hosted for the first time as part of DenkMal Festival at Basis earlier this year, Break the Silos#1,  drew attention to the need for multidisciplinary spaces for young creatives in South Tyrol. For its second chapter at MUSEION, curated by Space of Urgency and Rural Radicals, a special focus on mental health will be added to this agenda.

Break the Silos#2 aims to empower the local subculture, by collecting and sharing the local cultural mycelium of stories, strategies and tools in an exchange of trans-local knowhow focused on artists, urban activists and representatives of pioneering projects. In this regard, the even can be seen in close affinity to earlier events organised at Museion, such as OCCUPY Museion, Nach Zwischen Neu Nutzung organised by Club Alpbach South Tyrol and the performative symposium Opening the Pill.

A Mycelium in botany refers to the mass of single or multi-cellular filaments that forms the body of a fungus. In the same way, Break the Silos#2 speaks of a cultural mycelium that asks questions about the health of its numerous parts, which include people, approaches and spaces. This day aims to respond to the needs of current realities and cultural players and facilitate their cooperation, starting with an invitation to unlearn in order to re-imagine better futures.The day starts with a round table for sector operators and local cultural activists. This momentum will be used to share stories, challenges, urgencies, and visions in order to create a roadmap for achieving common goals. There will also be a special tour of the Kingdom of the Ill exhibition with the Diogo Passarinho Studio and director Bart van der Heide; and a public session dedicated to the cultural situation in South Tyrol. The latter will feature the presentation of an artwork specifically created for the occasion. For the cross-pollination of translocal knowhow, Mark Angelo Harrision and Deborah Griffith of the legendary Spiral Tribe/ Dharma Techno (UK, France)  are invited to exchange tools and strategies regarding rave-activism and community care intended to fuel and fast forward the cultural mycelium of South Tyrol.  Visitors can actively take part in the conversation. All results, visions and questions will be collected in order to lay foundations for further reflection and development of the Break the silos program. This will be followed by an open conversation regarding cultural spaces, starting with the demolition of the Caserma Druso Barracks in Silandro.

The event will end with an electronic live set by {ø_ø} (Simon Öggl).




5.00 – 7.00 pm
Behind closed doors Round table
(Focus: Community care – fast forward the cultural mycelium)
Are you a South Tyrolean artist, activist or cultural player? Would you like to think actively about how to improve the independent cultural context in this region? Have you got an opinion about what is needed to improve access to spaces, finances and cooperation?
Limited places, register here

7.00 – 8.30 pm
Designing an Exhibition
The Diogo Passarinho Studio and director Bart van der Heide will accompany visitors in a special tour of the Kingdom of the Ill exhibition that will explore the birth of the exhibition and the process behind its design.
Limited places, register here

8.30 – 9.00 pm
Event opening and presentation of visuals
with Liese Kingma, Ella Overkleeft, Hannes Götsch, Sir Gulliver Klauser and {ø_ø} (Simon Öggl)
Visuals by Sir Gulliver Klauser (Bolzano)

9.10 – 10.30 pm
In exchange with Spiral Tribe/Dharma Techno (UK, France)
Open conversation with SPIRAL TRIBE/Dharma Techno (UK, France). Moderated by: Ella Overkleeft (Rural Radicals, SE), Liese Kingma (Space of Urgency, DE)
Mark Angelo Harrison and Deborah Griffith (from the legendary Spiral Tribe/SP23 UK, France) will exchange unique experiences, know-how and regarding activism and community care and health, to trans locally infuse South Tyrol’s cultural mycelium.

10.30 pm – midnight
Live set
With {ø_ø} (Simon Öggl) (Silandro/Vienna)
Visuals by Sir Gulliver Klauser (Bolzano)



A collaboration by BASIS Vinschgau Venosta and Museion

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