IN CONTEXT: Vom Acker auf den Teller?

Foto: Luca Guadagnini


IN CONTEXT: Vom Acker auf den Teller?
as part of the exhibition Asad Raza. PLOT

Thursday, 18 May 2023 at 6.00 p.m.
This event is free of charge. Registration required: book now on Eventbrite
The event will be held in German.
The 3-part educational series IM KONTEXT expands the ongoing exhibitions in spring 2023 with locally networked, interdisciplinary topical excursions that lead out of the field of art to other, regional fields of activity. The format is accessible to all, broad in subject matter and invites local experts from different societal spheres to engage in a shared dialogue with the audience.
On May 18, the themes of the exhibition PLOT will serve as an occasion to understand the substantial diversity of a fertile humus as a metaphor for sustainable local agriculture as well as for an ethical consumer society. In dialogue with the audience as well as the invited speakers from the local field of environmental issues and sustainable agriculture, we will ask ourselves, among other things, about our own consumption and nutritional habits. We will be joined by the keen soil expert Merve Bektas, the founder of Farmfluencers, Meike Hollnaicher, the agronomist Dr. Jutta Staffler and project participants in the exhibition PLOT by the artist Asad Raza.
Moderation: Brita Köhler
IM KONTEXT is part of the educational programme MUSEION ACADEMY – LIFELONG LEARNING, which is open to all.