Guided tour with Shimabuku

Photo credit: Luca Guadagnini

Guided tour with Shimabuku

as part of the exhibition Shimabuku. Me, We

Thursday 25 May 2023 at 7 p.m
Free entry, registration via Eventbrite required
The tour will be held in English


Join us for a Guided Tour of the exhibition Shimabuku. Me, We with the artist himself.

Shimabuku’s cross-disciplinary art offers a subtle, curious, and humorous approach to the world. His works originate from a private moment of wonder, like an idea, a desired encounter, or a poem. Through his interaction with his surroundings, intimacy becomes public as the artist enacts his thoughts. Ultimately, his photographic, filmic, and sculptural memories of these encounters act as a public declaration in the exhibition space. Hence, Shimabuku successfully captures the affinity between animals, landscapes, histories, ideas, and people as he unfolds unexpected and fleeting moments of sharing and mirroring.

This exhibition, entitled Shimabuku. Me, We, draws inspiration from a saying by the world-famous boxer and activist Muhammad Ali, which is often considered to be the shortest poem in the world and a relationship in itself. 


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