Museums and sustainability

Photo credits: Gabriele Sotgiu

Museums and sustainability – Talk

Friday 16 May 2023 at 4 p.m
Museion Foyer
Free admission public event

With the participation of Bart van der Heide, Museion Director; Ludovico Solima, Professor of Economics at the University of Campania ‘L. Vanvitelli’; Urban Perkmann, IER studies Director; Elke Kellner, Managing Director of ICOM Austria; Alessia Dughera, lead corporate and sustainability strategist of Terra Institute; Roberta Dapunt, poet.

Moderator: the journalist Gabriele Crepaz.

Museion invites you to a conversation and exchange of information on the issue of sustainability in museums. We will begin by sharing the 2022 Roadmap of the institution’s activities for a sustainable museum and then go onto analyse the current state of the art in sustainability in the cultural sector. Various speakers, national figures and representatives from local and international institutions will guide the participants in a conversation to understand key strategies for implementing sustainability in cultural associations.

In the face of the challenges the contemporary world sets for cultural associations and institutions, Museion, together with its operators, wishes to make its own contribution to implementing positive change, shaping a liveable, sustainable world and promoting innovation and solidarity in South Tyrol.

During the event we will take stock of the current state of the art in the sustainability debate. What are the different positions and viewpoints in the museums and cultural sector? Which tools should be used to measure its impact and which strategies should be adopted to stimulate change?

This moment of sharing will bring together numerous viewpoints and professional figures that will stimulate this debate with a focus on best practices and proven experiences. In fact, cultural institutions urgently need to keep pace not only with climate change, but with economic and social transformations too.

The meeting will also feature a reading by Roberta Dapunt in a moment of poetic perception that will strike to the heart of the debate on sustainability.

In this context, Museion will highlight its position in terms of values and actions, and give voice to its initiatives and commitments in the field of social, economic and ecological sustainability. All this is part of the story told in the report of our wide range of projects, initiatives and networks that go far beyond the museum building in Bolzano and its various exhibitions to reach into the towns and valleys of the South Tyrol and on into national and international panoramas.


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