Asad Raza: Plot Chapter III – Moriah Evans. Out of and Into: PLOT

Graphic design: Studio Mut

Graphic design: Studio Mut

Asad Raza: Plot Chapter III

Moriah Evans. Out of and Into: PLOT

27 & 28.07.2023 at 6 pm


In collaboration with Bolzano Danza

With Sarah Beth Percival, Kris Lee and MOC aka Mara Oscar Cassiani

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In cooperation with Bolzano Danza, the choreographer Moriah Evans stages her first ever Italian presentation as the third chapter in Asad Raza’s exhibition Plot at Museion. The hybrid landscape of Raza’s “Neosoil” and a resulting architectural installation by architects BB (Fabrizio Ballabio, Alessandro Bava) and artist Lydia Ourahmane form the setting for Evans’ new piece Out of and Into: PLOT.

Together with dancers Sarah Beth Percival, Kris Lee and Mara Oscar Cassiani, choreographer Moriah Evans develops a new composition from two of her existing works in rehearsals that are open to the public. These are her most recent piece Remains Persist (2022), which focuses on various types of information that continue to live in our bodies, and her early work Out of and Into (8/8): STUFF (2012), which explores tropes of the “hysterical” body through expressive play. By focusing on the processes of decay and resurgence, her piece reabsorbs the detritus and fertile remnants of her art into a new site-specific iteration.


Moriah Evans
Moriah Evans positions choreography as a speculative and social process. Developing movement from the unseen, yet felt, worlds of a body’s material and affective interior, Evans’ projects question the hierarchies between flesh, body, self, and subject. Evans maintains a multi-pronged approach to her art, creating site-specific performances, theater-based productions, museum-based installations, symposia, texts, and curatorial projects. Her recent works include: Remains Persist at Performance Space New York (2022); Rehearsals for Rehearsal under the Public Art Fund, New York (2022); RESTOS at Espacio Odeon, Bogota, Colombia (2021); REPOSE at Beach Sessions, Νew York (2021); Be my Muse at Pace Live, New York (2021); Configure at The Kitchen, New York (2018) and Figuring at SculptureCenter, New York (2018).



Sarah Beth Percival lives as a dancer and artist in the high desert of New Mexico. After graduating from the North Carolina School of the Arts (BFA), she studied at the P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels and was a scholarship holder of Impulstanz DanceWEB Europe. Percival has danced with choreographers like Moriah Evans, Heather Kravas, Maria Hassabi, Milka Djordjevich, Kota Yamazaki, and Malin Elgan.

Kris Lee is a dancer, performer and DJ based in New York and Philadelphia. After graduating in Dance from University of the Arts (BFA) in 2019, she was a member of Stephen Petronio Company from 2021 to 2022, toured with Nora Chipaumire, and performed with Schraiber/So&So Orchestra. She is currently working with the experimental theatre and community project Ninth Planet, and with Moriah Evans.

MOC aka Mara Oscar Cassiani is an italian performer and digital artist working in Italy, Europe and on the web. She collaborated with numerous art institutions, both in physical and digital space (Kunstenfestivaldesarts Brussels, Kampnagel Hamburg, Viernulvier Ghent, Zürich Theater Spektakel, Centrale Fies, Bolzano Danza, etc.), receiving several recognitions for her research including Roma Europa Festival Digitalive Award (2019), Rehumanism special prize (2023) and others.


Special support: Lydia Okrent


Asad Raza: Plot feat. BB (Fabrizio Ballabio, Alessandro Bava) + Lydia Ourahmane, and Moriah Evans is curated by Leonie Radine


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