HOPE: Third chapter of TECHNO HUMANITIES (2021 – 2023)

September 30, 2023 – Spring 2024

Curated by Bart van der Heide and Leonie Radine and others
Opening: 29.09.2023

Third chapter in the long-term research project TECHNO HUMANITIES
In collaboration with Transart

Exhibition design by Diogo Passarinho Studio


The HOPE exhibition, which will occupy the whole Museion building, marks the third installment of TECHNO HUMANITIES, the long-term research project initiated by Museion Director Bart van der Heide. The exhibition is supported by a series of public programs and an anthology of newly commissioned critical texts. It is this young museum’s most extensive experiment to date, involving all its staff members and regional stakeholder communities, and permeating every part of the institution with an atmosphere of creative dialogue and debate.

TECHNO HUMANITIES explores the urgent, existential questions of what it is to be a global citizen in the present-day dependency between ecology, technology, and economy. The final exhibition takes hope as a central topic in this controversial interaction, at a time when a clear-cut future is increasingly difficult to apprehend. A linear understanding of future, in terms of prosperity, progress, and security, is at the center of the general ruin, social inequality and ecological exploitation the world is currently facing. So, how can hope manifest itself when such a linear understanding of future has to be canceled? HOPE brings together a wide range of artistic positions from different generations that see the end of future as the start of new beginnings and an incentive to validate more circular and re-generative practices as a source of wonder and collective movement.