Asad Raza: Plot Epilogue

Asad Raza: Plot Epilogue


In collaboration with Faculty of Design and Art, Free University of Bozen–Bolzano

For the epilogue of Plot, the students from MA Eco-Social Design (Faculty of Design and Art, Free University of Bolzano) have taken the neo-soil from Plot for research as part of the course “Design & Materials”. The design students will therefore give the neo-soil new life, in a new transformative (research) chapter, continuing the cycle of this interdisciplinary and processual exhibition. The project results will be showcased during unibz Gäste-Ospiti-Guests (GOG) exhibition in January 2024.



“Understanding materials requires personal engagement with matter. Due to the transformable character of materials, we cannot rely on general understanding or indirect knowledge. The practise of hands-on work with materials is an important part of the course “Design & Materials” which is part of the MA Eco-Social Design at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano.

We believe that, just like the shape of a product, materiality can be designed. This means creation of so called do-it-yourself (DIY) materials – working with ingredients and recipes – and the adaptation (changing the material properties) of existing materials in order to understand their mutable character. The hands-on approach of working with materials supports our sensorial skills to better understand, create and select appropriate materials for future (transformative) design projects. 

Every semester we focus on a different kind of family or kingdom of materials. So far, young art and design students have been transforming food waste, textile fibres and marble dust into new materialities and future applications. This semester we will be exploring soil-based materials (raw earth, clay, sand, etc.), an interdisciplinary course where young designers will also exchange with science students on soil ecology.

Through the kind collaboration with Museion young design students are enabled to continue the work with Neosoil from the recent “PLOT” exhibition by artist Asad Raza as one of their main ingredients. We are happy to continue the development, or better growth, of the Neosoil and to follow up this wonderful exhibition with another transformative (research) chapter. First project results will be showcased during unibz Gäste-Ospiti-Guests (GOG) exhibition January 2024.”

Aart van Bezooijen

Free University of Bozen–Bolzano

Faculty of Design and Art

MA Eco-Social Design


Asad Raza: Plot feat. BB (Fabrizio Ballabio, Alessandro Bava) + Lydia Ourahmane, and Moriah Evans is curated by Leonie Radine


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