The Central Institute for Restoration at Museion: offering practical experience and research

From 4 to 29 September 2023, Museion will be hosting students from the prestigious Higher Education School (Scuola di Alta Formazione) of the Matera and Rome branches of the Central Institute for Restoration (ICR – Istituto Centrale per il Restauro) of the Italian Ministry of Culture. In addition to in-depth educational study, the aim of this initiative will be to give participants hands-on experience in restoring, inspecting and researching works in the Museion collection.


Museion’s decision to host, for the entire month of September, a group of students from the Higher Education School in Matera and Rome (Diploma equivalent to a Master’s Degree in the Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage), which is part of the Ministry of Culture’s Central Institute for Restoration (ICR), aims to offer young people the opportunity to work “on-site” in a museum and experience its logic and timescales.

This restoration school trains restorers and specialized restorers through laboratory lessons on public or publicly important works of art, theoretical lectures and workshops. Thanks to an agreement, signed in 2019 and active until 2027, Museion will host an educational workshop for the school. The students, supervised by teachers and museum staff, will inspect the state of conservation of various works in the Museion Collection, and carry out maintenance and restoration work where necessary. This will include works by artists such as Mario Schifano, Luca Maria Patella, Ugo Carrega, Willy Valier and Vincenzo Agnetti, some of which could become the subject of dissertations.


During the educational workshop, participants will be introduced to the Museion collection and digital catalogue, as well as actively contributing to the dismantling of the summer exhibitions and the refurbishment of the spaces, which from 29.09.2023 will host the exhibition HOPE, the third chapter in the long-term research project TECHNO HUMANITIES.


In collaboration with Istutito Centrale per il Restauro