Contemporary Art Day – 7.10.23

Museion celebrates the nineteenth AMACI Contemporary Art Day


From 10 am to 6 pm with free admission

On the occasion of the nineteenth Contemporary Art Day organised by AMACI – the Association of Contemporary Italian Art Museums – dedicated to sustainability, Museion offers a wide-ranging program of guided tours and conversations about art, centred on the HOPE exhibition. With HOPE, Museion brings a focus to the role of museums withing today’s changing world.

The show is curated by Bart van der Heide and Leonie Radine in collaboration with DeForrest Brown, Jr. (30 .09.23 – 25.02.24).


The leitmotif of the nineteenth Contemporary Art Day is ecology, connected to sustainability. Every day we face global emergencies that require rethinking the contemporary art system via renewed awareness and a more widespread sensitivity. In line with this, the image of this edition is Pa(y)sage Corporel (2023) by Binta Diaw (b. Milan, 1995), the Italo-Sengalese artist chosen by the AMACI museum directors to reflect on the need to take care of what is around us.

In this frame, HOPE endorses the view of the museum as a spaceship, a time capsule, a portal to another dimension. The exhibition will transform Museion into a production site of wonder, merging science and fiction to evoke hope through individual and collective imaginations of futures and pasts. As Philosopher Ernst Bloch wrote in the introduction of his Principle of Hope (1954): “We need the most powerful telescope, that of polished utopian consciousness,” to penetrate the darkness.

Curated by Bart van der Heide and Leonie Radine in collaboration with the musician, theorist and writer DeForrest Brown, Jr., HOPE concludes the TECHNO HUMANITIES trilogy with an ode to the humanities and their close bond to museums as active locations of world building.

An integral part of the exhibition is the artist Thomas Feuerstein’s work METABOLICA (Moby Dick), displayed in the Crane Hall at NOI Techpark. This has been organised in collaboration with NOI to explore the relationship between art and science. The work will be on display until 12th November 2023.


TECHNO HUMANITIES is a three-year multidisciplinary research project featuring exhibitions, publications and a public program. It is Museion’s longest experiment to date and involves all staff members and regional stakeholder communities. TECHNO HUMANITIES asks urgent and existential questions about what it means to be global citizens in today’s interconnected world of ecology, technology and economy.


Program for 07.10.2023 The AMACI Contemporary Art Day at Museion

Open Day
From 10 am to 6 pm with free admission

Guided tours
From 11 am to midday (Ger/It)
From 4 to 5 pm (Ger/It)

Art Speakings
From 2 to 6 pm (Ger/It/Eng)

Family Tour
To facilitate independent visits for families, a free KIT has been created, which can be picked up at the Museion infodesk and allows families to visit the exhibition through interactive moments.

Conversations and shared experiences will actively engage visitors in reflections on questions such as: “What will our future spaces of hope be?” and “Can a museum be a space of hope?”
Different voices from the audience will be collected and published at a later date, towards the end of the exhibition.



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