Thomas Feuerstein METABOLICA (Moby Dick)

Thomas Feuerstein


an exhibition in collaboration with NOI Techpark


Exhibition at the crane hall of NOI Techpark, Via Volta 13/A, Bolzano

Monday – Friday: 08:00 – 21:30 
Saturday: 09:00 – 20:00 

Press preview and opening: 06.10.2023, 11.00 am


METABOLICA (Moby Dick) takes place in the framework of HOPE, an exhibition on view at Museion from 30.09.23 to 25.02.2024, curated by Bart van der Heide and Leonie Radine in collaboration with DeForrest Brown, Jr.


Museion presents the exhibition METABOLICA (Moby Dick) by Thomas Feuerstein within the framework of HOPE, the third chapter of the TECHNO HUMANITIES research project. Located in the historical crane hall of NOI Techpark the monumental installation is realized in cooperation with and at NOI to enhance the collaboration between art and science.

Amid research labs and offices, based on the chemical and biological interactions of bacteria, Feuerstein’s extensive installation METABOLICA (Moby Dick) creates a post-industrial and factory-like metabolism.

Algae and bacteria will be at work here producing a new material for art based on biological processes and obtained through photosynthesis via a kilometer-long system of tubes. The entire factory is powered by a sculptural photobioreactor whose shape recalls that of a submarine or a whale. In terms of content and visuals, in his sci-fi setting, Feuerstein draws on elements as diverse as the history of whaling, the age of petrochemicals, and future scenarios involving bioeconomic resources.

The artist’s investigations of new regenerative practices at the interface between art and science echo the research into energy systems, sustainable buildings & neighborhoods, and water technologies carried out at NOI, South Tyrol’s growing innovation district.


Thomas Feuerstein

Thomas Feuerstein (*1968 in Innsbruck) interweaves art, literature and philosophy with economics, politics, digital media, biotechnology and metabolic processes to create artistic narratives. The works include spacious installations, processual sculptures, drawings, radio plays, bio- and net art. He studied art history and philosophy and received his doctorate from the University of Innsbruck in 1995. He was co-editor of the journal Medien.Kunst.Passagen and worked on research commissions on art and architecture and art in electronic space. Since 1997, Feuerstein has been a lecturer and visiting professor at universities and art colleges.

His works are represented in numerous museum collections. In 2019, he was awarded the Austrian Art Prize for Media Art. Thomas Feuerstein lives in Vienna.


Realized in collaboration with Noi Techpark


The exhibition is further supported by the Austrian Federal Ministry for ArtsCulture, Civil Service and Sport


Institutional partners: Provincia autonoma di Bolzano Alto Adige, Fondazione Sparkasse, Museion Private Founders


Technical sponsor: Pichler


Thanks to:

Institute of Microbiology at the University of Innsbruck, Unit of Environmental Engineering
BioTreat GmbH
Metallwerkstatt in der Weyrer/Stefan Göschl
Peter Chiochetti (Software)


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