The Long Night of the Museums at Museion and NOI Techpark

The Long Night of the Museums at Museion and NOI Techpark


Museion opening time extended until 1 a.m. with free admission

From the afternoon to late at night, Museion offers a packed program with free admission to celebrate The Long Night of the Museums in Bolzano. This includes activities for children and families during the day and special guided tours of the HOPE exhibition. The day will conclude with a DJ set by DJ Veloziped and laser drawing by JesterN.

Thanks to our collaboration with NOI Techpark, a shuttle bus service will be available from 6 to 9.30 pm so visitors can reach the hub’s headquarters in via Volta 13/A and explore Thomas Feuerstein’s work METABOLICA (Moby Dick), which is part of the HOPE exhibition and is on display until 11.11.2023. This collaboration seeks to explore the relationship between art and science to promote innovation, culture and enterprise. At 7 pm there will be a special guided tour with the artist.


Curated by Bart van der Heide and Leonie Radine in collaboration with the musician, theorist and writer DeForrest Brown, Jr., HOPE concludes the TECHNO HUMANITIES trilogy with an ode to the humanities and their close bond to museums as active locations of world construction. The exhibition that covers the entire surface area of the museum and the NOI Techpark Crane Hall, includes transdisciplinary works by artists from different generations.

For the first time in the history of Museion a collection of records is at the centre of an exhibition. DJ Veloziped / Walter Garber from Merano has loaned his record collection, which will occupy the second floor as part of HOPE. A celebration of the sound history of the Afrofuturist Drexciya legend, to which the curator DeForrest Brown, Jr has dedicated years of research. To celebrate this collaboration, DJ Veloziped will perform a DJ set from 10 pm to midnight in the Multifunctional Room located in the Museion basement, accompanied by the JesterN laser show, an analogue audiovisual improvisation that brings together light and sound in a unique synesthetic experience for the public.



4 – 8 pm

Kids’ workshop at the Museion Atelier House

6 – 11 pm
ART SPEAKINGS – mediators in the HOPE exhibition

7 pm

At NOI Techpark, a guided tour of Thomas Feuerstein’s work METABOLICA (Moby Dick) by the artist himself, presented by Museion in collaboration with NOI in the large Crane Hall. The work is part of the HOPE exhibition.

(from 6 to 9.30 pm, a free shuttle bus service will be available between Museion and NOI Techpark)

10 pm – midnight

DJ set by Veloziped & laser drawing by JesterN – Museion -1


Brief guided tours of the HOPE exhibition in German

6 pm with Brita Köhler
8 pm with Bart van der Heide and DJ Veloziped / Walter Garber
10 pm with Brita Köhler


Brief guided tours of the HOPE exhibition in Italian

7 pm with Museion mediators
9 pm with Museion mediators
11 pm with Museion mediators


DJ Veloziped (Walter Garber)

DJ Veloziped (Walter Garber) also known as Technowalter was influenced musically by the 1990s scene in Vienna. He plays mainly house, techno and electro in clubs and other genres in selected venues. He still records with vinyl, and he has worked as a librarian of valuable books for over 20 years. He therefore knows how to organise a large collection of approximately 7,000 records, gems and rarities. He has shared consoles with world-famous artists like DJ Hell (Munich), Richard Dorfmeister (Vienna), Gene Farris (Chicago) and DJ Spooky (NYC). Cult DJs like Theo Parrish, Marcellus Pittman (both from Detroit) and MCDE have also used his Rotary Mixer. The range of his style is apparent in numerous DJ sets on various online platforms like Mixcloud, Soundcloud and his contributions to the Tribute Mix Show. His DJ mixes can also be heard on Radio FM4’s “La Boum De Luxe” (ORF, Austria). DJ Veloziped lives in Merano.

JesterN (Alberto Novello)

For over ten years, Alberto Novello has explored the potential of laser light, including presenting it in installations and medium/large audiovisual performances throughout the world.

For Museion, he will use the sound of every mixed audio track to control his laser light and create bright, sinuous forms.





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