Museion Ink. Creative writing workshop

10.12.2020, 5pm – 7pm Free admission Reservation required: 0471 223413 or visitorservices@museion.it.   Museion Ink. is a creative writing workshop that is held at Museion every […]

Contemporary Art Day 2020, promoted by AMACI, returns on Saturday 5th December

Museion is taking part with a digital project linked to the artist Cristian Chironi #giornatadelcontemporaneo   On Saturday 5th December, Contemporary Art Day, the event that […]

Conversation meeting

01/12/2020,  3- 5 pm  A chance to meet up and exchange thoughts and ideas. Not only is an art work often the  focus of discussion, but […]

Paesaggi attivi. Saggio contro la contemplazione. L’arte contemporanea e il paesaggio metropolitano (Active Landscapes. An Essay Against Contemplation. Contemporary Art and the Metropolitan Landscape), Viviana Gravano

“What counts is the perception of what is outside us, i.e. our context, which can no longer be considered unique or unambiguous. A certain part of […]

Delirious New York. A Retroactive Manifesto for Manhattan, Rem Koolhaas

Delirious New York was written by the journalist, set designer, urbanist and architectural theorist Rem Koolhaas (b. Rotterdam 1944). It was first published in 1978 and […]

Traité succint de l’art involontaire (A Brief Tract on Involuntary Art), Gilles Clément

This book is a kind of educational journey by Gilles Clément (1943), a French botanist, agronomist and writer and one of the most influential landscape gardeners […]

The Home of Man. With a text by François de Pierrefeu, Le Corbusier

Charles-Édouard Jeanneret, better known as Le Corbusier (1887-1965), was one of the most creative and revolutionary 20th century architects and urban planners. In 1942, together with […]

Species of Spaces and Other Pieces, Georges Perec

Georges Perec (1936 – 1982) was a French writer and member of OuLiPo (“Ouvroir de Littérature Potentielle”(Workshop for Potential Literature), a group of writers and mathematicians […]

I’m Back, Cristian Chironi

What do the famous architect Le Corbusier Orani – a village in the Barbagia region located in the heart of Sardinia, the sculptor Costantino Nivola and […]

Bulletin 02: movement and borders

Over the ages, artists have reminded us frequently that the red lines we draw over our geographical, cultural and mental maps are never set in stone, […]

Between the Fluid Borders of Nature: Elena Bini talks about Karl Unterfrauner’s Neophyten project

Any area left uncultivated or overgrown with what we call weeds may become a place and element of ecological change. Such a area may also stimulate […]

A border becomes a painted line: Christiane Rekade talks about Red Line by Gianni Pettena

One could say that borders have a special significance in the life and work of Gianni Pettena. Never representing restrictions or limitations, they exist more in […]