Museion al Filmclub – Les plages d’Agnès

01/03/2012 | ore 20.30 Nell’ambito della mostra La collezione attiva. Opere mediali da Vito Acconci a Simon Starling, (a Museion fino al 16.09.12), viene presentato il film […]

artiparlando 2012
Cuauhtémoc Medina – Looking Red

22/03/2012 | 8 p.m Artiparlando 2012, “Global Art – New Public” Cuauhtémoc Medina (Mexico City), “Looking Red” The critical role that can be played by art […]

artiparlando 2012
Rein Wolfs – Museum der Beziehungen

19/04/2012 | 8 p.m On 19 April the featured speaker is Rein Wolfs, director of Kunsthalle Fridericianum in Kassel and Museion’s guest curator for 2012. In […]

artiparlando 2012
CPS – Chamber of Public Secrets

10/05/2012 | 8 p.m CPS – Chamber of Public Secrets is the contradictory name of the collective comprising the Lebanese Khaled Ramadan and the Italian Alfredo […]

Museion Teacher’s Card

From now on teachers have the opportunity to use the Museion Teacher’s Card The Museion Teacher’s Card offers free admission to exhibitions in Museion. The first […]

Die lange Nacht des Futurismus im Museion /La Lunga notte del futurismo a Museion

08/06/2012, From 6 p.m. to 12 p.m. On the occasion Museion presents the arras Musica per cantante, by the artist Fortunato Depero. Museion Passage Free entrance

artiparlando 2012
Rudolf Stingel

14/06/2012 |  8 p.m  Artiparlando 2012 ends on 14th June with a discussion with Rudolf Stingel. Originally from Merano, the artist has lived and worked in […]
Carolyn Carlson, Immersion. Foto Laurent Philippe

Tanz Bozen/Bolzano Danza at Museion

22.26/07/2012 Museion, 4. floor/Museion Passage Museion and Tanz Bozen | Bolzano Danza

Art meets Jazz


Luca Vitone
Monocromo Variationen

Opening: 06/07/2012 Museion project room – special projectAm 6. Juni eröffnet das Museion im Erdgeschoss die Ausstellung Monocromo Variationen von Luca Vitone (Genua 1964)  – und […]

Museion Cooperations

Another Idea of NorthHommage to Glenn Gould, Vikingur Olafsson – pianoforte26.8.12, ore 20.30 Seconda tappa del Bolzano Festival Bozen negli spazi di Museion Passage. Alcuni giovani […]

Museion Cooperations
Theatre Between the Arts: UNFUN

As part of the exhibition “The New Public” (15.09.2012 – 13.01.2012), Passage will host the theatre show “Theatre Between the Arts: Unfun” based on the novel […]