Opening Francesco Vezzoli, Museo Museion

Opening 29/01/2016, 7 pm. The artist will be present. Museion’s 2016 programme opens with an exceptional double exhibition. Francesco Vezzoli, one of the most internationally renowned […]

Conversation meeting

02/02/2016, from 3.00 to 5.00 pmA chance to meet up and exchange thoughts and ideas. Not only is an art work often the  focus of discussion, […]

Meet Vezzoli

18/02/2016   ore 19.00 ~ Talk with Francesco Vezzoli, Guest Curator 2016 (in italian)  

Im Kontext: New media – global art

16/06/2016 7.00 pm with Andreas Hapkemeyer Taking inspiration from the Korakrit Arunanondchai exhibition, Andreas Hapkemeyer illustrates the role of new media and globalisation in contemporary art. […]

Opening Medi Facade

16/06/2016 9.00 pm artist talk 10.00 pm video screening and live concert The series of the media facade opens with the famous video work by Ketty […]

Talk with the Director of Kunsthalle Wien

23/06/2016 7.00 pm guided tour with Letizia Ragaglia (in italian) 8.00 pm talk with Nicolaus Schafhausen (in german) Taking his cue from the exhibition he curated, […]

Art meets Jazz with guided tour by Letizia Ragaglia

30/06/2016 6.00 pm concert Peter Evans Following, guided tour with Letizia Ragaglia During the Südtitol Jazzfestival Alto Adige we report the concert of the musician Peter […]

The Media Façade in July in collaboration with Bolzano Danza

Opening 14/07/2016 9.00 pm artist talk 10.00 pm screening and performance The July screening on the media façade is in collaboration with the Bolzano Danza Festival, […]

artiparlando: Horst Bredekamp

01/09/2016 8.00 pm In German Horst Bredekamp is one of the most authoritative and innovative art historians on the international scene. The focus of the Museion […]

Cena Oltranzista at the Castle by the Lake

A co-production Transart – Museion Presentation: 22/09/2016, 10.00 h Public viewing – Live Stream @ Museion Foyer 22, 23 & 24/09, 10.00 – 22.00 h & […]

Media Façade in collaboration with Rimusicazioni Film Festival

Opening 15/09/2016 21.00 h artist talk 22.00 h screening and live concert The September event is the final one in the 2016 series of screenings on the […]

Opening Judith Hopf

30/09/2016 19.00 h Opening with aperitif and after chargeable dinner (in collaboration with Cafè Museion) From 21.30 music with Dj Paolo Castaldo Free entry Up Museion […]