Sonic Youth etc.: Sensational Fix

10/10/2008 – 04/01/2009 Sonic Youth etc.: Sensational Fix investigates the bonds between the historic band, which was formed in 1981, and artists, writers, filmmakers, designers, and […]

Mike Kelley
Educational Complex Onwards 1995-2008

17/01 – 19/04/2009 Educational Complex Onwards 1995-2008 manca la traduzione è la prima significativa esposizione antologica realizzata in Europa dal 1997. Mike Kelley (Detroit, 1954) viene […]

New Entries!

14/03/2009 – 14/02/2010 New acquisitions in a dialogue with Julia Bornefeld, Michael Fliri, Elisabeth Hölzl, Francesco Jodice, Valentina Sartori, Peter Senoner & columbosnext Museion wants to […]

Andro Wekua
Workshop Report

24/05 – 30/08/2009 Workshop Report Andro Wekua was born in 1977 in Georgia, by the Black Sea coast. In 1994 he moved to Switzerland, and since […]

Simon Starling
Inverted funicular bridge

24/05 – 01/11/2009 Inverted funicular bridge Simon Starling (*1967, Epsom, Great Britain, lives and works in Copenhagen), creates works that tackle natural and cultural processes of […]

Carmen Müller
Notizen aus Gärten

25/05 – 01/11/2009 Notizen aus Gärten For this project the artist Carmen Müller (*1955, lives and works in Merano) explored the numerous gardens of Alto Adige […]

A, b, c …: Letters in freedom

29/09/2009 – 27/11/2011 A, b, c …: Letters in freedom presents around one hundred works of “verbo-visual” art, a form of art based on the letters […]

Monica Bonvicini

03/10/2009 – 10/01/2010 Monica Bonvicini, one of the Italian artists best known internationally, developed her expressive and formal outlook in the field of sculpture. Her works, […]

Brigitte Niedermair
Madame Hirsch

21/11/2009 – 17/01/2010 In Madame Hirsch, for the first time Brigitte Niedermair has created a sort of log book, composed of various episodes in the life […]