Micol Assaël
ФОМУШКА (Fomuška)

07/02 – 02/05/2010 ФОМУШКА (Fomuška) Phenomena related to physics and science, energetic and electric tensions, and physical involvement are constants in Micol Assaël’s work. This is […]

Che cosa sono le nuvole?
Works from the Enea Righi collection

07/02 – 02/05/2010 Opere dalla Collezione Enea Righi With the exhibition “Che cosa sono le nuvole? Museion opens up to one of the most significant private […]

Alicja Kwade
Broken Away from Common Standpoints

25/03 – 15/05/2010 Alicja Kwade’s exhibition “Broken Away from Common Standpoints” is the first event in “Six Ways to Sunday”, a programme which every year sees […]

Gabriel Kuri
Soft Information In Your Hard Facts

04/06 – 15/08/2010 Soft Information In Your Hard Facts The exhibition conceived for Museion presented recent works, created over a period of seven years, made using […]

Nico Vascellari

04/06 – 29/08/2010 The exhibition is part of Museion’s programme of events dedicated to the different facets of sculpture. Nico Vascellari’s project revolves around an imposing […]

Isa Genzken

11/09/2010 – 16/01/2011 More than fifty works from major European private collections and the Museion collection were on show in Bolzano for the artist’s first survey […]

-2 + 3
Stefano Arienti Massimo Bartolini: the Museion collection

11/09/2010 – 16/01/2011 The exhibition was a major undertaking that featured more than 1300 works from the Museion collection, many of which had never been exhibited […]

Valie Export
Time and countertime

19/02 – 01/05/2011 The art of VALIE EXPORT (Linz, 1940) is devoted to radical social and political critique, addressing major contemporary issues such as violence, wounds, […]

Teresa Margolles

28/05/11 – 21/08/2011 Frontera reflected on the suffering engendered by the dramatic scale of organised crime in Mexican society, and in particular on the murders and […]

Image to be projected until it vanishes

28/05 – 28/08/2011 “One way to look at how we define the present is to consider how we construct our relationship with the past – what’s […]


28/05 – 21/08/2011 The event intended to forge a dialogue between works by artists from Austria, Germany, Italy and America, exhibited in the Appiano section, and […]

Carl Andre

  17/09/2011 – 08/01/2012 Father of Minimal Art and living legend, Carl Andre’s radical works revolutionised the concept of sculpture and had a profound influence on […]