Walking as a generator of thought: ten books to explore


Walking: basically means making your life difficult

“Walking to the North or South Pole, climbing Everest or exploring contemporary art, always means making your life more difficult and suffering a little bit. But […]

Raymond Pettibon and the massive wave that inundated Museion

I will never forget meeting Raymond Pettibon outside Museion, which in 2003 was still housed in a former hospital in Bolzano. I had been asked to […]

See you in eight days at 2 p.m. at Sella Pass: Richard Long in the Dolomites

In 1996 the artist, Richard Long, one of the best-known representatives of the European Land Art movement, accepted Karin Welponer’s invitation to stage a solo show […]

He walks and walks and walks

Walking is man’s most natural activity. Unless something unfortunate intervenes to prevent it. So, if we consider art as special or different, it may come as […]

Museion Bulletin, a new voice

I am happy to present Museion Bulletin: a new voice that delves below the surface of the Museion program to establish a more independent institutional consciousness […]