Bulletin 02: movement and borders

Over the ages, artists have reminded us frequently that the red lines we draw over our geographical, cultural and mental maps are never set in stone, […]

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Museion Ink – Young people speak through their writing

Autumn 2020 with the participation of the Bolzanism Museum Moods that fluctuate between happiness and sadness. Everyday experiences of frustration because the internet isn’t working. The […]

“Do you have permission to do that?” – Egeon recounts Marina Fulgeri’s artwork “Voci al Cubo” (Voices at the Cubo)

When I create a mural, interacting with the public is a ritual. One of the most frequent questions I am asked when painting a wall – […]

When Mullican’s “Imaginary Universe” reached as far as the porticoes of Bolzano

by Andreas Hapkemeyer The news of the shocking events of September 11, 2001 reached us while we were setting up the exhibition at Museion. It took […]

How public is the space in which we live? A conversation with Lungomare

Lungomare is a long-established cultural association that creates, curates and produces interdisciplinary culture and design projects with a focus on artistic exploration and research in public […]

A new role for museums: A talk with Adele Maresca Compagna, president of the Italian National Committee of ICOM

The debate over the role of museums remains at the center of attention, following the controversial 2019 General Assembly of ICOM in Tokyo. Here, a group […]

Bulletin 03

A public museum is probably not the first location where one would expect heated debate and agitation. Yet, museums are no strangers to fundamental scrutiny, both […]

Remembering Dan Graham

Remembering Dan Graham Dan Graham, one of America’s great conceptual artists, died on 17 February 2022. Born in 1942 and based in New York since the […]

Leonie Radine. High on Bolzano

  “Museion welcomes a curator with remarkable experience in exhibition making and institutional practice, as well as a broad international network. Leonie Radine’s appointment is an […]

Walter Pichler: architecture-sculpture

The summer of 2022 marks the 10th anniversary of the death of the Austrian artist Walter Pichler. Pichler was born in 1936 in the Ega Valley […]
Foto: Luca Guadagnini

Metamorphosis of an Enigma

David Medalla was a profoundly interdisciplinary artist, poet, activist, writer, philosopher and raconteur, whose work strove to “investigate reality, and bring out its enigmas.”¹ Reflecting this […]