Museion Passage, a new experimental format

The word Passage has many different meanings. It can be taken literally as the action of moving through or past a specific place or point in […]

Matt Mullican, “102 Signs for a Museum Fence”

The work 102 Signs for a Museum Fence was created in 2006 for the fence around the construction site of the new Museion building, to inform […]

The five worlds of Matt Mullican

Thinking in images or thinking in words, the meaning of signs in our mind, between rationality and emotion: Matt Mullican explains his “cosmology”. Watch the video

In memory of Sven Sachsalber

A strong relation is a video made in 2013 by Sven Sachsalber. The image is a circular movement that revolves around the artist who is standing […]

Museion pays tribute to Sven Sachsalber

Museion pays tribute with a special podcast to the South Tyrolean artist, Sven Sachsalber (Laces, Val Venosta 1987-2020), who died prematurely last December. Mara Lea Hohn, […]