Summer weeks with Bolzanism Museum and Theatraki

Next: 26.—30.08.2024, 08:00—16:00

6-10 years
Language: Bilingual German/Italian
Max. 18 participants per week
Price: 140€ per week (hot meal included), 120€ siblings per week (hot meal included)
Book by emailing us or calling +39 0471 223435 during Museion opening hours

Out of the museum and into culture: what really happens in summer in Bolzano? Is it really true that everything sleeps and we only dream of the sea? Creative and multidisciplinary moments are not only generated by brushes and colours, but they also awaken in other forms of artistic expression: theatre, the body, dance, sound and photography… through exciting experiences, boys and girls will experience surprising encounters and conquer the vast and colourful field of culture in the Museion as well as the city of Bolzano. Each week will include activities led by Museion’s mediation team, and two days of which will be spent with local cultural partners.

Summer 2024 activities will take place in cooperation with two theatre-related organisations: Bolzanism Museum and the association Theatraki - Children’s Theatre. The theme addressed is that of the body as an instrument of self-expression and knowledge of the world, which allows us to come into contact with reality and to become part of it. Bolzanism Museum invites us to ‘awaken the city’ through the narration of the history of Bolzano’s peripheral areas. Boys and girls are accompanied on a theatrical exploration of these places by the poems of ‘Aunt Mia’: an old inhabitant of the mythical Railwaymen’s Houses. The activity consists of two parts: ‘Kids Walk Siberia’, a walk led by young actresses/actors through the neighbourhoods to discover local architecture, and ‘Bolzanism Lab’, an activity in which children can get involved and reflect on the concept of ‘inhabiting’ the city. For Theatraki, theatre is a tool for getting to know one’s own body, prompting one to probe one’s own feelings, to control them and recreate them in expressiveness. Starting from the theme of the body, the forms of walking and the mask, we will experiment with theatrical languages and practices. On Friday afternoon, the children will organise a presentation and exhibition to celebrate the end of the week.

Summer weeks with Bolzanism Museum and Theatraki

Museion Art Club Young

26.—30.08.2024, 08:00—16:00

Museion Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Bozen/Bolzano is looking for a surveillance officer with mediation tasks

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