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OCCUPY Museion – One with the bass

OCCUPY Museion – One with the bass 29.09.2023, 20.00 – 00.00 Curated by Tato Getia and Philipp Kieser Museion, floor -1 Piazza Piero Siena Platz 1, […]

Asad Raza: Plot Epilogue

Asad Raza: Plot Epilogue 08.09.2023 In collaboration with Faculty of Design and Art, Free University of Bozen–Bolzano For the epilogue of Plot, the students from MA […]

Asad Raza: Plot Chapter III – Moriah Evans. Out of and Into: PLOT

Asad Raza: Plot Chapter III Moriah Evans. Out of and Into: PLOT 27 & 28.07.2023 at 6 pm   In collaboration with Bolzano Danza With Sarah […]

Kingdom of the Ill: Second chapter of TECHNO HUMANITIES (2021-2023)

Kingdom of the Ill: Second chapter of TECHNO HUMANITIES (2021-2023) Exhibition 1 October 2022 – 5 March 2023 Opening 30 September 2022 Press preview 29 September […]

Walter Pichler (1936 – 2012). Architecture – Sculpture. Haus neben der Schmiede, Eggental / Val d’Ega

Walter Pichler (1936 – 2012) Architecture – Sculpture Haus neben der Schmiede, Eggental / Val d’Ega curated by Andreas Hapkemeyer Exhibition 17 June 2022 – 4 […]

Bird Flight. Erika Giovanna Klien in dialogue with contemporary artistic positions

Bird Flight. Erika Giovanna Klien in dialogue with contemporary artistic positions Exhibition dates 9 April – 7 September 2022 Opening 8 April 2022, 18:30. Entry permitted […]

David Medalla: Parables of Friendship

David Medalla: Parables of Friendship Exhibition dates 9 April – 14 September 2022 Opening 8 April 2022, 18:30. Entry permitted with Super Green Pass (3G) Press […]

Welcoming Persones Persons. Biennale Gherdëina ∞ meets Museion

MUSEION PASSAGE Welcoming Persones Persons Biennale Gherdëina ∞ meets Museion Exhibition 25 March 2022 – 12 June 2022 Press preview 25 March 2022 at 10.00am   […]

Jorge Otero-Pailos: The Ethics of Dust

Museion Passage Jorge Otero-Pailos: The Ethics of Dust Exhibition dates 25 March 2022 – 4 September 2022 Press preview 25 March 2022 at 10:00am   Museion […]


TECHNO HUMANITIES (2021-2023), initiated by Bart van der Heide, Director of Museion TECHNO Exhibition: 11.09.2021 – 16.03.2022 Press Opening: Thursday 9 September 2021, 11am Public Opening: Friday 10 September […]

Jimmy Robert, Mirror Language

The exhibition will be open to visitors for the first time on 28.05.2021 from 6pm to 8.30pm Exhibition duration: 28.05.2021 – 29.08.2021   Museion presents “Mirror […]

MAPS from the Museion Collection

Museion Passage and Cubo Garutti Exhibition duration: 11.06-22.08.2021 Free admission   This collaborative project focuses on the theme of maps launched by the “MAPS” exhibition on […]

Here to Stay. New arrivals to the Collection

Exhibition duration: 26.03.2021- 08.08.2021   curated by Bart van der Heide, in association with Elena Bini and Andreas Hapkemeyer The Museion 2021 exhibition program opens with […]

Piccolo Museion – CUBO Garutti: Cristian Chironi, “Picnic”

Cristian Chironi (b. Nuoro, 1974. Lives and works in Bologna) has lived his residency period in Bolzano in the same spirit as a picnic, where you […]

Sonia Leimer, “Space Junk”

Opening 09.10.2020, 7pm   10.10.2020 – 31.01.2021 The starting point for Sonia Leimer’s art is her research on objects and materials with a cultural, social, historical or […]

Piccolo Museion-Cubo Garutti presents the “Picnic” project by Cristian Chironi

From Orani to Bolzano in a Fiat 127  03.10 – 01.11.2020   Sharing stories, impressions, opinions and each other’s company in the open air, while picking […]

“WALKING. Movements North of Bolzano” – The Collection of Erling Kagge

Museion opens its Autumn season with an exhibition featuring the collection of the famous explorer Erling Kagge “WALKING. Movements North of Bolzano” Opening: Friday 11th September […]

Studio House -P.O.V. Point of view Butch-ennial Contemporary Art Group

Opening: 29.05.2020, 4 – 8 pm 30.05 – 13.09.2020 The Studio House will continue to host initiatives featuring lively, young, local people. In 2020 the space […]

Cubo Garutti – Piccolo Museion: European Project Art Works! – European Culture of Resistance and Liberation

Work groups from Berlin and Zagreb on display at the Cubo Garutti From 04.08.2020 to 27.09.2020 As part of the European project “Art Works! European Culture […]

unlearning categories

Exhibition of artworks acquired from 2012 till 2018 by the Department for German Culture of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano ∕ Bozen Opening: 26.06.2020, 4 pm […]

Cubo Garutti – Piccolo Museion: European project Art Works! – European Culture of Resistance and Liberation

The first exhibition with works created by young people opens to the public. Thursday June 18th 2020 from 5 to 6.30pm Cubo Garutti, Via Sassari 17/b […]

Karin Sander – Skulptur / Sculpture / Scultura

Opening 29.05.2020, 16-20 pm 30.05–20.09.2020 An interactive tour of the exhibition is available on the following link https://bit.ly/36wl5tE   Museion opens its doors to the public […]

Il Piccolo Museion CUBO Garutti: Ingrid Hora, “The Great Leap Forward”, 2011

05.05 – 15.06.2020 The title of the sculpture created by Ingrid Hora (b. 1976, Bolzano) The Great Leap Forward refers to the economic and social reforms […]

Piccolo Museion – CUBO GARUTTI presents Sven Sachsalber

02.03 – 19.04.2020 A bell tower in the middle of a lake and a strenuous endurance test involving rowing around it for twenty-four hours using arm […]

Mercedes Azpilicueta, Bestiario de Lengüitas

Opening 14/02/2020, 19h From 15/02 to 13/05/2020 Museion presents, as part of an international shared project, the first solo exhibition in Italy by Mercedes Azpilicueta (b. […]

Piccolo Museion CUBO Garutti Apparatus 22 – Infinite Contradiction, 2016

14.01.2020 – 01.03.2020 The Cubo Garutti programme is linked to the European project “Art Works! European Culture of Resistance and Liberation” that was established to mark […]

Intermedia: Archivio di Nuova Scrittura

Intermedia: Archivio di Nuova Scrittura Opening 22/11/2019, 7 pm Until 07/06/2020 Intermedia: Archivio di Nuova Scrittura is an exhibition of works from the Museion collection. It […]

Marguerite Humeau, Oscillations

Marguerite Humeau Opening 11/10/2019, 7 pm. The artist is present Museion presents Oscillations, Marguerite Humeau’s (b. 1986, Cholet, France) first solo exhibition in an Italian museum.  […]

Silvia Hell @Media Façade

Scored Air Screenings 23 ,24, 25, 27/09, 21-22.30 h 26/09, 22-23.30 h curated by Frida Carazzato Breathe, feel and see the air in Bolzano.This is what […]

Piccolo Museion – CUBO GARUTTI presents Berty Skuber

Berty Skuber, from the series “UNDER PENALTY OF LAW”, 1995-2002 Exhibition duration 06/08-14/10/2019 Berty Skuber’s artworks are made from clothes labels taken from t-shirts, jackets and […]

Media Façade in coproduction with Bolzano Danza

Museion Media Façade presents Witches gestures a project by Latifa Laâbisi, Pauline Boudry/Renate Lorenz Thursday 18/07 & 25/07 The women in Witches gestures are marginalised figures […]

Lottozero @Studio House

Anna M. Rose, Homo Bulla A new series of exhibitions in Museion’s Studio house is about to get underway. The Studio house, in line with the […]

Roni Horn @Cubo Garutti

Roni Horn @Cubo Garutti 28/05 – 05/08/2019 My Heart upon a Little Plate is a poem by Emily Dickinson and the inspiration behind a series of […]

Haim Steinbach
every single day

Haim Steinbach every single day 18/05 – 17/09/2019 Museion is pleased to present an exhibition by Haim Steinbach (*1944, Rehovot, Israel), one of the most influential […]

Doing Deculturalization

Doing Deculturalization  Curated by Ilse Lafer, guest curator 13/04 – 03/11/2019 Doing Deculturalization is inspired by the writings of the Italian art historian and critic Carla […]

Ludwig Hirschfeld-Mack

Ludwig Hirschfeld-Mack Colored light plays Curated by Andreas Hapekemeyer A hundred years since the foundation of the Bauhaus architecture, arts and design school in Germany (1919–2019), […]

Keren Cytter
Mature content

Keren Cytter, Mature content 2019 opens at Museion with the solo show by Keren Cytter Opening: 25/01/2019, 7pm In her videos, films and installations, Keren Cytter […]

Media Façade: Endless

Museion’s Media Façade lights up the December nights Endless by John Armleder A pulsing of lights, colours and fireworks explodes in a tireless and infinite rhythm. […]

Tutto. Perspectives on Italian Art

Tutto. Perspectives on Italian Art 13/10/2018 – 24/03/2019 Opening: 12/10/2018, 19 h Fascinating, multifaceted and profound: These are the words that come to mind when describing […]

John Armleder

John Armleder Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose 22/09/2018 – 06/01/2019 Opening 21/09/2018 Museion kicks off its new season with a solo show by […]

Rosemarie Trockel at Cubo Garutti

Rosemarie Trockel at Cubo Garutti For its special anniversary Museion presents four works from its collection by four female artists who have been featured in solo […]

Media Façade
in collaboration with Bolzano Danza

Media Façade in July Fabrizio Favale / ZimmerFrei / First Rose Argon A volcanic island in the Aegean, a sand bar in the North Sea and […]

Judith Hopf at Cubo Garutti

Judith Hopf at Cubo Garutti For its special anniversary Museion presents four works from its collection by four female artists who have been featured in solo […]

GAP @ Atelier

GAP Glurns Art Point @ Museion Atelier 1+1=3 or how to (de)construct a space in three acts GAP Glurns Art Point in Glorenza is the South […]

Transparent travelers and obscure nobodies

Somatechnics Transparent travelers and obscure nobodies 25/05 -02/09/2018 Opening 24/05/2018, 19 h On occasion of the tenth anniversary of its new venue, Museion is turning the spotlight […]

Olaf Nicolai, Carillon

Olaf Nicolai Carillon Premiere performance: 05/05/2018, 11h Finissage: 30/09/2018 The heart of Olaf Nicolai’s (1962, Halle/Saale, DE) project is a musical composition for cowbells that will […]

Isa Genzken at Cubo Garutti

Isa Genzken at Cubo Garutti For its special anniversary Museion presents four works from its collection by four female artists who have been featured in solo […]

Gabriela Oberkofler at Cubo Garutti

Gabriela Oberkofler at Cubo Garutti   For its special anniversary Museion presents at the Cubo Garutti, four works from its collection by four female artists who […]

Gabriela Oberkofler at Cubo Garutti

Gabriela Oberkofler at Cubo Garutti For its special anniversary Museion presents four works from its collection by four female artists who have been featured in solo […]

Martin Kippenberger
Maria Lassnig

Martin Kippenberger Maria Lassnig   BODY CHECK 03/02 – 06/05/2018 Opening: 02/02/2018, 19 h

Irma Blank

Irma Blank. Paperworks from the Museion Collection 16/11/2017 – 23/09/2018

Paola De Pietri

Portraits at Malpensa Airport 06/10 – 05/11/2017


INSTALLATION ART Walk-in and expansive works from the Museion Collection 07/10/2017 – 23/09/2018


HÄMATLI & PATRIÆ Curated by Nicolò Degiorgis 16/09/2017 – 14/01/2018

Aufbruch – Cosmology of the boundless

Second tap for 39NULL at Atelierhouse Opening 24th August 2017, 19.00 h

ikea_site specific

Cristina Kristal Rizzo @ Cubo Garutti 25/07 – 20/08/2017

FOLK-S_I’ll be your mirror version

Media Façade with Alessandro Sciarroni and Karim Zeriahen

Nicolò Degiorgis – Lo sceriffo e la moschea itinerante

23/05 – 16/07/2017 The Islamic community is the focus of the new project by Nicolò Degiorgis, which gravitates around the exhibition Hämatli & Patriæ. Opening in […]

Július Koller

One Man Anti Show 20/05 – 27/08/2017 Opening 19/05/2017, 7 pm

The photographic portrait between participation and alienation

Diane Arbus – Nan Goldin – Ulrike Ottinger – Cindy Sherman Four positions from the Sammlung Goetz


10/03 – 09/04/2017 Opening 09/03/2017, 19.30 h The exhibition marks the conclusion of the European project Museum as Toolbox.

Lili Reynaud-Dewar

28/01 – 05/05/2017 Opening 27/01/2017, 19.00 h TEETH, GUMS, MACHINES, FUTURE, SOCIETY A collaboration with Kunstverein in Hamburg and de Vleeshal in Middelburg What is cultural […]

Museion Prize 1

25/11/2016 – 12/03/2017 Since its new location was opened in 2008, the Museion has worked continuously to support the creativity of young artists, especially with regard […]

The force of photography. Works from the Museion Collection

25/11/2016 – 17/09/2017 25/11/2016 from 16.00 h The exhibition explores the photographic works in the Museion collection. Portraits and self-portraits – images of others’ bodies and […]

Marilù Eustachio: Taccuini 1986 – 2005

Opening: 27/10/2016 19.30 h The artist is present The painter, photographer and graphic artist Marilù Eustachio, born in Merano/Meran in 1934, has lived since her childhood […]

A thousand things happening at the same time

21/10 – 28/11/2016 Museion Atelierhouse A collaboration with Thun Ceramic Residency The exhibition will showcase new works from three young artists, Rochelle Goldberg, John Henshaw and […]

Judith Hopf

Up Opening 30/09/2016, 7 pm 01/10/2016 – 08/01/2016 Museion presents Judith Hopf’s first solo show in an Italian museum. Hopf occupies a unique position within the […]

Bruno Munari and Marcello Piccardo – Media Façade in August

Opening 04/08/2016 9 pm artist talk 10 – 11.30 pm video screening with live concert The August screening on the media façade, curated by Frida Carazzato, […]

Cubo Garutti: Luigi Presicce

09/08/2016 – 17/10/2016 In collaboration with ArtVerona Curated by Frida Carazzato From 9 August the Cubo Garutti venue will be hosting the work Fine eroica di un’immagine del Quattrocento […]

The Media Façade series “Pas de deux”

Opening August, 04/08/2016 9.00 pm artist talk 10.00 pm video screening and live concert “Pas de deux” is the name of the 2016 series on the media […]

Media Facade – new series “Pas de deux”

Opening 16/06/2016 9.00 pm artist talk 10.00 pm video screening”Appendice per una supplica” by Ketty La Rocca and live concert “Sumatra” by Lorenzo Bianchi Hoesch The […]

Cubo Garutti:
Luigi Fosca

07/06 – 08/08/2016 Cubo Garutti, via Sassari 17/b The new exhibition course of the Cubo Garutti is inspired by the exhibition “Museo Msueion” by Francesco Vezzoli […]

Korakrit Arunanondchai

01/06/ – 11/09/2016 Painting with history 3 or two thousand five hundred and fifty nine years to figure stuff out How does a young artist, a […]

Kunsthalle Bozen @ Museion Casa Atelier

19/05 – 15/08/2016 Philip Shafer & Stefanie Walk With the idea of giving a platform to the most active, vibrant players in the local area, Museion […]

Francesco Vezzoli MUSEO MUSEION

Exhibition of Museion Collection: until 06/09/2016 Francesco Vezzoli is present as guest curator, with an exhibition of the Museion collection. Vezzoli, one of the most internationally […]

Marinella Senatore
Jammin’ Drama Project

24/11 – 13/12/2015 curated by Ludovico Pratesi, Angela Tecce for AMACI in cooperation with MiBACT Jammin’ Drama Project was filmed in Harlem, New York with the […]

Goldschmied & Chiari: Dove andiamo a ballare questa sera?

On show 22/10 – 22/11/2015Museion partecipates in the national exhibition project “L’albero della cuccagna, nutrimenti per l’arte”, curated by Achille Bonito Oliva and under the patronage […]

Berty Skuber, Epicycles (eclipse)

10/10/2015, 9.00-10.30 pm (on occasion of the Contemporary Art Day) 27/11/2015, 01.00-01.30 am (on occasion of the Long Night of Bolzano Museums) The Media Facade shows […]

Cerith Wyn Evans

03/10/2015 – 10/01/2016Opening 02/10/2015, 7pm Curated by Letizia Ragaglia Museion presents Cerith Wyn Evans’ first solo exhibition in an Italian museum. In what the UN has […]

Maurizio Nannucci
Top Hundred

18/09/2015 – 06/01/2016Opening 17/09/2015, 7 pm Curated by Andreas Hapkemeyer One hundred very special objects reveal the works and modus operandi of some of the key […]

Careof and Viafarini: Posthypnotic

Opening 03/09/2015, 9.00 p.m. artist talk, 10.00 p.m.: video projection Careof e Viafarini, PosthypnoticBasma Alsharif, Robert Breer, Danilo Correale, Paolo Gioli ​ Curated by Martina Angelotti and […]

Studio MUT: Mut for Love

Opening 06/08/2015, 9.00 p.m. artist talk with Studio MUT: Thomas Kronbichler & Martin Kerschbaumer10.00 p.m.: Video Projection The video for August, is a celebration of love, […]

Riccardo Benassi and Cristina Rizzo: Techno Casa Plus

Opening 09/07/2015, 9 pm conversation with Emanuele Masi, Director of Bolzano Danza, and the artists Cristina Rizzo and Riccardo Benassi 10 – 11.30 pm screening and […]

Martino Gamper
Design is a state of mind

06/06 – 13/09/2015Opening 05/06/2015, 7pm Curated by Martino Gamper In 2011 Martino Gamper (Merano 1971) designed the space on the ground floor of Museion: Passage. And […]

Hubert Kostner

06/06 – 30/08/2015Opening 05/06/2015, 7pm Curated by Frida Carazzato In the winter the Alps are blanketed in snow; snow that is pure and white, but not […]

Walter Pichler
Plattform über dem Bach

07/06 – 20/09/2015 Opening 06/06/2015, 4 p.m. Curated by Andreas Hapkemeyer

Collecting for Tomorrow: new works at Museion

21/03/2015 – 10/01/2016 The exhibition presents works that have joined Museion’s collection in the last seven years, as acquisitions, donations or long-term loans.

Chiara Fumai
Der Hexenhammer

31/01/2015 – 26/04/2015 Curated by Frida Carazzato “Either you’re part of the problem or you’re part of the solution. There is nothing in between”. This is […]

Wear your city

11/12/2014-28/02/2015 The buildings of Piazza della Vittoria become tapestry, the houses of the Semirurali quarter an apron, the baroque elements on the front of the Mercantile […]

Rossella Biscotti
The future can only be for ghosts

31/01/2015 – 25/05/2015 The solo show, the artist’s first in an Italian museum, traces some of the key stages in her career, without being a retrospective. […]

Abstract impressions

South Tyrolean art galleries at Museion Passage 29/11/2014-08/01/2015 Antonella Cattani contemporary art – Bolzano, ES contemporary art gallery – Merano, Galleria Doris Ghetta (Ortisei), Galleria Goethe […]

Hommage à Zenzi Glatt

29/11/2014-08/01/2015 Zenzi Glatt, who began her artistic career at the age of 59, continues to paint abstract works that hint at a colourful, radiant vision of […]

Nanni Balestrini
Oltre la poesia

15/11/2014 – 22/02/2015 Curated by Andreas Hapkemeyer   The project, produced directly in collaboration with Nanni Balestrini, is inspired by the materials  present in the Museion […]

Carol Bove / Carlo Scarpa

01/11/2014 – 01/03/2015 Carol Bove / Carlo Scarpa  brings together a commissioned body of work by American artist Carol Bove (Geneva, 1971) with exhibition furniture and […]

Solo Show Robbie Williams

01/11/2014 – 01/03/2015 SOLO SHOWRobbie Williams SOLO SHOW Achim Kayser, Alberto Storari, Alexander Niklasch, Andrea Fourchy, Andrea Schmidt, Andrea Viliani, Anna Rossi, Anne-Pascale Frohn, Anton Vidokle, […]

Soleil politique
The museum between light and shadow

27/09/14 – 11/01/2015 Curated by Pierre Bal-Blanc. The exhibition Soleil politique invites the visitor to follow an itinerary that begins, immediately upon entering the Museion, at […]

Rä di Martino
Authentic News of Invisible Things

27/09/14 – 11/01/2015Curated by Frida Carazzato On the anniversary of the Great War Rä di Martino presents a new project inspired by dummy tanks and produced […]

Negus – Far Eye, 2014

Opening & artist talk04 ⁄ 09 ⁄ 20149 p.m. 04, 11, 18, 25 ⁄ 09 ⁄ 201410 – 12 p.m. projection  

Luca Trevisani / mk:

Performance art is this year’s theme for the screenings on Museion’s media façade:

Sissa Micheli
Art Theft Reversed

1956: Andy Warhol, before he became a household name, decided to gift a painting to MoMA in New York. Their answer? Thanks, but no, we haven’t […]

Il corpo sottile

Performance art is this year’s theme for the screenings on Museion’s media façade: four artists present new projects or revisit existing works to explore the large […]

Sven Sachsalber

13/06 – 07/09/2014

Hannes Egger
Hotel Cubo

17/04 – 29/06/2014 Have you ever thought about what it would be like to sleep in a work of art? Hannes Egger’s project invites visitors to […]

Diego Perrone
Il servo astuto

06/10/13 – 02/02/14 Diego Perrone presents a new project for the Project Room, produced in collaboration with Vetroricerca Glass & Modern. Experimental techniques meet classical traditions […]

Ceal Floyer

01/02 – 04/05/2014 With their stark simplicity, wry sense of irony and keen perception of the absurd, the works of Ceal Floyer (1968) undermine our perception […]

Tatiana Trouvé
I Tempi Doppi

24/05 – 07/09/2014 Pieces of metal, stones, chairs, glass, water and earth: Tatiana Trouvé uses everyday materials to fashion surprising constructions that channel memories, history and […]

Marco Raparelli
Cosa succede

  projections:05, 12, 19, 26 ∕ 09 ∕ 2013, 10 – 12 p.m.

Leander Schwazer

21/02 – 25/05/2014 Explosive reactions: that was what Louis Réard expected his new invention, the bikini, to provoke. On a more serious note, very real explosions […]

Rosemarie Trockel
Parade, 1993

projections: 21/11, 8 – 8.15 p.m. 22/11, 10 – 12 p.m. 30/11, 1 – 1.4 p.m. 5/12 & 12/12, 10 – 11 p.m.  

When Now is Minimal.
The Unknown Side of the Sammlung Goetz

23/11/13 – 12/10/14 Munich’s Sammlung Goetz is one of the world’s most important private collections of contemporary art. The exhibition highlights how various generations of artists […]

Klara Lidén

14/09/13 – 12/01/14 Curated by Letizia Ragaglia Museion presents the first solo exhibition of Klara Lidén in Italy. The artist, born in Stockholm in 1979, has […]

Klaus Pobitzer

When the man on the street becomes a work of art: Klaus Pobitzer’s giant “People” take over Museion Passage.

Migros Meets Museion
20th Century Remix

06/10/12 – 09/06/13 A dialogue between two collections, the exhibition “Migros Meets Museion” brings together an important nucleus of works from the collection of the Migros […]

Rosemarie Trockel “Flagrant Delight”

02/02/13 – 01/05/13 Rosemarie Trockel (1952, Schwerte, Germany) is held to be one of the most important international artists of our times. Flagrant Delight brings together […]

Ciprian Mureşan
Page by Page

For the media façade Ciprian Mureşan (1977, Dej, lives and works in Cluj, Romania) has reworked a number of his animations of micro-actions, some of which […]

Rainer Gamsjäger

20/06/138 p.m. The video of Rainer Gamsjäger is part of the exhibition “Desiring the Real. Austria Contemporary”, curated by Karin Zimmer.

Little Movements II: Self-practice in Contemporary Art

29/06-03/11/2013 Curated by Liu Ding and Carol Yinghua Lu. What does producing art mean in today’s globalised world? Museion’s thematic exhibition for 2013, presented by the […]

Brigitte Mahlknecht
A Line Describing the Surface

In the video by Brigitte Mahlknecht (Bolzano 1966, lives and works in Vienna), the architectural grid of Museion’s façade takes the form of a cage inside […]

Ian Tweedy
16 march1944

The video by Ian Tweedy (1982, Hahn, Germany. Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York), produced specifically for Museion’s media façade, is composed of multiple drawing […]

Danh Vo
Fabulous Muscles

18/05/13 – 01/09/13 Curated by Letizia Ragaglia. In his work Danh Vo reflects on colonialism, migration and cultural identity, interlaced with personal memories of his childhood […]

Desiring the Real. Austria Contemporary

22/06/13 – 22/09/13 curated by Karin Zimmer Desiring the Real is an exhibition produced by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Art and Culture, Department of […]

Nicolò Degiorgis: Camera Cubica

01/04/2013 – 23/06/2013

Marcello Jori
La Gara della Bellezza

The artist Marcello Jori (Merano, 1951) presents a new project for Museion’s Project Room featuring new watercolours inspired by Georges Seurat’s famous painting: “La Grande Jatte”.

Gli oggetti si raccontano.
Opere dalle collezioni di Museion e del Museo Civico di Bolzano

Contemporary art and history can complement each other. Museion and the Municipal Museum of Bolzano have together developed on occasion of the “year of the museum […]

Natura Viva

31/07/12 – dicembre 2012 Da agosto a dicembre 2012 nello spazio del Piccolo Museion ha avuto luogo il progetto Natura Viva con tre esposizioni di opere […]

Hans Glauber:
“From the Mechanical City” 1963 – 1973

09/03/13 – 03/11/13 Curated by Andreas Hapkemeyer and Lisa Trockner. Hans Glauber (Dobbiaco, 1933 – Bolzano, 2008) is known for his ongoing commitment to environmental issues, […]

Vera Comploj “In Between”

25/01/13 – 07/04/13 Following her education at the Polytechnic of Milan, Vera Comploj (Bolzano, 1983) moved first to Paris and then to New York. She has […]

Embassy Goes Contemporary.
Young Italian Art from the
Museion Collection at the Italian Embassy in Berlin

17/12/12 – 28/04/13 27/04/13, 11.00 a.m. Finissage with the performance “Returning from places I’ve never been” of Michael Fliri From 17 December 2012 to 28 April […]

Gabriela Oberkofler “Untitled”

06/12 – 13/12/2013 In occasione della mostra di Gabriela Oberkofler „…und nun von einer Grönlandsfahrt,von einem Walfischfange zurückkäme…” (Goethe, 1829), l’artista ha concepito una proiezione (“Senza […]

Media façade:
Luca Vitone “Rogo”

17/12/12 – 20/12/12 L’artista Luca Vitone ha riadatto il video “Rogo”, presentato in mostra a Museion lo scorso luglio, alla facciata mediale di Museion. Il video, […]

Gabriela Oberkofler

30/11/12 – 10/01/13 „…und nun von einer Grönlandsfahrt, von einem Walfischfange zurückkäme…” (Goethe, 1829) Opening: 30/11/12 The exhibition in the project room was part of a […]

Paolo Riolzi  “Vetrinette”

21/09/2012 – 18/11/2012 Who could ever forget those old-fashioned display cabinets, bearing the best china, photographs, souvenirs and memories of a lifetime? Paolo Riolzi, in his […]

Isola and Norzi,
“Large Glass (Editing)”

03, 12, 19 & 26/09/2012 A tropical fish swims slowly past. A scuba diver, armed with sponge and suction cup, starts cleaning the surface of a […]

The New Public
From a new public dimension
to new users

15/09/12 – 13/01/13 Curated by: Rein Wolfs Artists in the exhibitionNina Beier, Rossella Biscotti & Kevin van Braak, Juliette Blightman, Valentin Carron, Matias Faldbakken, Petrit Halilaj, […]

Luca Vitone
Monocromo Variationen

07/07/2012 – 16/09/2012 Museion project room – special project The decision to use Passage, Museion’s “covered square” to present Vitone’s work resonates with the artist’s practice […]

Ingrid Hora
Die Wende

11.18.25/07/2012 10pm – midnight, Media Façade, projection  The artist Ingrid Hora, with her video “Die Wende”, transformed the Museion façade into a huge swimming pool, where […]

Sonia Leimer – 2030

18, 15, 22 & 29/08/2012 10pm – midnight, Media Façade, projection Transparency and movement: the sculptural effect that characterises the Museion building springs from the contrast […]

Christian Niccoli
Untitled #1

13, 20, 27 & 29/06/2012 10pm – midnight, Media Façade, projection „Untitled #1“ (ohne Titel) by Christian Niccoli, was filmed in 2009 and adapted fort he […]

Pawel Althamer

25/05/2012 – 26/08/2012 On occasion of Pawel Althamer’s solo show Museion was literally invaded by around 70 entirely white human figures. These sculptures were created for […]

Francesco Arena, Trittico 57

30/03/12 – 06/05/12 The installation conceived for Museion by Arena took the form of three slabs of travertine – a triptych – in which the artist […]

Codice Ivan SCORE
SCORE // Please Try The Impossible

17/05/2012 – 01/07/2012 Museion presents the provocatively-titled “SCORE // Please Try The Impossible” by the collective Codice Ivan, which won the art competition launched last year […]

Stefano Cagol
Evoke Provoke (the border)

16, 23, 24 & 30/05/12 10pm – midnight, Media Façade, projection  Opening the series of projections on the Musieon Media Façade is Stefano Cagol’s video “Evoke […]

Art = Life = Art | Dada > Fluxus

16/03/2012 – 24/02/2013 Museion presents Art=Life=Art. Dada>Fluxus, featuring more than a hundred works from Museion’s collection, mostly from the Paolo Della Grazia archive, along with around thirty […]

Sonia Leimer
Along those lines

04/02/12 – 18/03/12 The artist inaugurating Museion’s project room is Sonia Leimer (Merano, 1977) with the work Along those lines. 

Claire Fontaine

04/02/2012 – 13/05/2012 An outline of Italy made of thousands of match heads, an “inflammatory” material that highlights the country’s current instability, alluding to the catastrophe […]

The Collection in Action. Media works from Vito Acconci to Simon Starling

26/11/2011 – 16/09/2012 Contemporary history, literature, science fiction, socio-political issues, but also our fragmented, sometimes warped vision of what surrounds us: these were the issues tackled […]

Carl Andre

  17/09/2011 – 08/01/2012 Father of Minimal Art and living legend, Carl Andre’s radical works revolutionised the concept of sculpture and had a profound influence on […]

Teresa Margolles

28/05/11 – 21/08/2011 Frontera reflected on the suffering engendered by the dramatic scale of organised crime in Mexican society, and in particular on the murders and […]

Image to be projected until it vanishes

28/05 – 28/08/2011 “One way to look at how we define the present is to consider how we construct our relationship with the past – what’s […]


28/05 – 21/08/2011 The event intended to forge a dialogue between works by artists from Austria, Germany, Italy and America, exhibited in the Appiano section, and […]

Valie Export
Time and countertime

19/02 – 01/05/2011 The art of VALIE EXPORT (Linz, 1940) is devoted to radical social and political critique, addressing major contemporary issues such as violence, wounds, […]

Isa Genzken

11/09/2010 – 16/01/2011 More than fifty works from major European private collections and the Museion collection were on show in Bolzano for the artist’s first survey […]

-2 + 3
Stefano Arienti Massimo Bartolini: the Museion collection

11/09/2010 – 16/01/2011 The exhibition was a major undertaking that featured more than 1300 works from the Museion collection, many of which had never been exhibited […]

Gabriel Kuri
Soft Information In Your Hard Facts

04/06 – 15/08/2010 Soft Information In Your Hard Facts The exhibition conceived for Museion presented recent works, created over a period of seven years, made using […]

Nico Vascellari

04/06 – 29/08/2010 The exhibition is part of Museion’s programme of events dedicated to the different facets of sculpture. Nico Vascellari’s project revolves around an imposing […]

Alicja Kwade
Broken Away from Common Standpoints

25/03 – 15/05/2010 Alicja Kwade’s exhibition “Broken Away from Common Standpoints” is the first event in “Six Ways to Sunday”, a programme which every year sees […]

Micol Assaël
ФОМУШКА (Fomuška)

07/02 – 02/05/2010 ФОМУШКА (Fomuška) Phenomena related to physics and science, energetic and electric tensions, and physical involvement are constants in Micol Assaël’s work. This is […]

Che cosa sono le nuvole?
Works from the Enea Righi collection

07/02 – 02/05/2010 Opere dalla Collezione Enea Righi With the exhibition “Che cosa sono le nuvole? Museion opens up to one of the most significant private […]

Robert Pan

23/01 – 07/03/2010 Constellation The Museion exhibition highlights the constant evolution of the artist’s exploration of matter, an exploration that springs from an obsessive vocation for […]

Brigitte Niedermair
Madame Hirsch

21/11/2009 – 17/01/2010 In Madame Hirsch, for the first time Brigitte Niedermair has created a sort of log book, composed of various episodes in the life […]

Monica Bonvicini

03/10/2009 – 10/01/2010 Monica Bonvicini, one of the Italian artists best known internationally, developed her expressive and formal outlook in the field of sculpture. Her works, […]

A, b, c …: Letters in freedom

29/09/2009 – 27/11/2011 A, b, c …: Letters in freedom presents around one hundred works of “verbo-visual” art, a form of art based on the letters […]

Carmen Müller
Notizen aus Gärten

25/05 – 01/11/2009 Notizen aus Gärten For this project the artist Carmen Müller (*1955, lives and works in Merano) explored the numerous gardens of Alto Adige […]

Andro Wekua
Workshop Report

24/05 – 30/08/2009 Workshop Report Andro Wekua was born in 1977 in Georgia, by the Black Sea coast. In 1994 he moved to Switzerland, and since […]

Simon Starling
Inverted funicular bridge

24/05 – 01/11/2009 Inverted funicular bridge Simon Starling (*1967, Epsom, Great Britain, lives and works in Copenhagen), creates works that tackle natural and cultural processes of […]

New Entries!

14/03/2009 – 14/02/2010 New acquisitions in a dialogue with Julia Bornefeld, Michael Fliri, Elisabeth Hölzl, Francesco Jodice, Valentina Sartori, Peter Senoner & columbosnext Museion wants to […]

Mike Kelley
Educational Complex Onwards 1995-2008

17/01 – 19/04/2009 Educational Complex Onwards 1995-2008 manca la traduzione è la prima significativa esposizione antologica realizzata in Europa dal 1997. Mike Kelley (Detroit, 1954) viene […]

Sonic Youth etc.: Sensational Fix

10/10/2008 – 04/01/2009 Sonic Youth etc.: Sensational Fix investigates the bonds between the historic band, which was formed in 1981, and artists, writers, filmmakers, designers, and […]

Matti Braun – Özurfa

03/10 – 07/12/2008 Sanliurfa, i.e. Urfa, a town in the South-east of Anatolia, close to the Sirian-Turkish border, is the central theme of the artist Matti […]

Peripheral vision and collective body

26/05 – 21/09/2008 The exhibition conceived as an exceptional event for the opening, will gather numerous works from the collection, including new acquisitions and important long-term loans […]