Art Club Forum is a group of 9 young creatives, thinkers and professionals which operates as an independent consulting/planning think tank and represents an extended network for Museion. For the next two years, all of Museion’s public planning will be developed in collaboration with Art Club Forum.
The 18 members are divided into three editorial groups.
Each group includes three external members and three internal members from Museion’s staff:


Art Club_Content is a research group that will be engaged in formulating new contents to develop in conjunction with the Museion programme.

Alongside the themes explored in the exhibition programme, and Museion’s new research, production and mediation formats, Art Club_Content also aims to bring new input to Museion’s long-term “Techno-Humanities” project. The new content will address both the museum’s immediate audience and a more international public through digital formats.


Museion Team

Brita Köhler
Head of visitor services/educational projects

Group Leader

Frida Carazzato
Curatorial Assistant

Forum members

Giulia Cordin

“If we were to draw a symbol to visualize my work, it would be a set of intersecting lines: some short and some long, some crooked and curved, others straight, all captured moving unpredictably. A chaotic tangle of lines that spans publishing, research, collaborations with artists and institutions, teaching, and haphazard writing projects.”

Flavio Pintarelli

Flavio is a writer and marketing strategist. He works in the fields of cultural criticism, digital and visual culture. He has written articles, essays and stories for Internazionale, Domus, Not, Il Tascabile, Ultimo Uomo, Prismo, The Towner, Domani, Ludica, Singola, Manarot, La Foresta and other publications. He has published two non-fiction works, Su Facebook (:duepunti, 2013) and Stupidi giocattoli di legno (Agenzia X, 2014), and a collection of short stories, Cronache della Metropoli (Ledizioni, 2019). His work has been featured in various anthologies and collections of essays.

Michael Scerbo

Seeking and practising forms of sensual knowledge.

New Audiences

Art Club_New Audience was set up with the aim of involving a broad community of young people in experimenting with the infinite creative potential offered by the body and language.

It introduces a new multidisciplinary format based on co-planning activities designed to elicit participatory processes. It gives a voice, and offers spaces and tools for the creation of forms of art on a regular basis.

Group Leader

Roberta Pedrini
Coordinator of visitor services projects

Forum member

Tracy Oberti

Forum members

Andrea Bernard

I use theatre to say what I can’t express in words.

Alex Giovanelli

My name is Alex Giovanelli, or “Giovi” for short. I am 30 and I have been a slam poet and spoken word performer for many years. After moving from Auer to Bressanone, then Merano, Berlin and Schlanders, I settled in Bolzano 3 years ago, where I am now recovering from my prior nomadic lifestyle. I attended secondary school in Bressanone, successfully completed my law degree in Trento and am now working freelance for Forum Prävention. I am also studying social pedagogy in Bressanone, and I organise and moderate cultural events such as the Ost West Slam in Merano.

Ada Keller

Ada Keller is a designer who works mainly in the cultural field, exploring the multifaceted potential of design.

Public program

Art Club_Public Program sets out to foster and support the development of the contemporary cultural identity of the South Tyrol area. It presents initiatives that tie in with and complement the exhibitions, events with artists, workshops, round table discussions, talks, parties and much more. Museion aims to act as a platform for local cultural players, and forge a network of partnerships. It devotes special attention to young people who are curious about art and culture, valuing their interests and ideas.

Events will be organized in collaboration with Museion Private Founders, with a view to attracting investments and encouraging more supporters to participate.

Museion Team

Christina Vieira-Barry
Web & social media manager

Group Leader

Sofia Conti
Event manager

Forum members

Eleonora Castagna

Eleonora Castagna is an independent art writer and curator. Her research fields include public art and common goods policy. As curator, she has worked with Residency Unlimited (NY), Le Magasin CNAC (Grenoble), Bugada & Cargnel (Paris) and ChertLüdde (Berlin). She attended the 25th session of the curatorial training program at the École du Magasin in Grenoble, and also took part in the Q-Rated workshop “Sensitive Research”, organized by La Quadriennale di Roma in Lecce. She is an activist in AWI – Art Workers Italia. She is currently working for Biennale Gherdëina 8 (St. Ulrich).

Thomas Hofer

A boy from the mountains who loves culture, enjoys exchanging views on any topic and works on sustainable projects for young people.

Philipp Kieser

Experimental music militant / culture transformer / crossover connector / event provocateur

Additional external members of the Forum

In 2006 Museion became a private foundation, with the Autonomous Province of Bolzano and the Museion Private Founders (formerly the Museion Association) as founders.
The Museion Private Founders task force has decided to get involved in developing the new project.
Its role will be to offer advice and support in the implementation of the various activities generated by the Forum itself.

MPFs involved

Paolo Ferretti
Federico Giudiceandrea
Maria Niederstätter
Paolo Vanoni