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The first issue of Museion Bulletin is here: a new voice that delves below the surface of the Museion program to establish a more independent institutional consciousness based on the local area’s active and diverse cultural ecosystem. Each issue is theme-driven and collects personal perspectives from inside and outside the museum that range from cultural memory to the social debates and inter-disciplinary alliances that impact today’s cultural landscape.

Museion Bulletin will generate regular content in the form of articles, extended captions, interviews and other material. The current and upcoming exhibitions at Museion, of Sonia Leimer, Christian Chironi and Erling Kagge’s private collection, share a loose affinity when it comes to exploration, movement and memory. For this reason, we have chosen these interests as our inspiration for the first issues of the Bulletin, in which we will explore ideas of community,  interaction, borders and the sustainability of human action.

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Bulletin 02: movement and borders

Over the ages, artists have reminded us frequently that the red lines we draw over our geographical, cultural and mental maps are never set in stone, […]

Between the Fluid Borders of Nature: Elena Bini talks about Karl Unterfrauner’s Neophyten project

Any area left uncultivated or overgrown with what we call weeds may become a place and element of ecological change. Such a area may also stimulate […]

A border becomes a painted line: Christiane Rekade talks about Red Line by Gianni Pettena

One could say that borders have a special significance in the life and work of Gianni Pettena. Never representing restrictions or limitations, they exist more in […]

Bolzano Drive: Logbook by Lucas Da Tos Villalba

Logbook. 3 October 2020 The time now is 19.23 several hours have passed since I got out of the chameleon car driven by Christian. I am […]

Sonia Leimer, the Space Junk we don’t see

Even if we cannot see them, in the universe there are over a million items of space waste, left over from past, forgotten projects. Practically, an […]

What would a museum on the moon look like? Brita Köhler of Museion, talks to David Gruber, Museum of Natural Sciences

1. If you could build a museum on the moon, what kind of a place would it be and what requirements would it have to fulfill? […]

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Museion Bulletin, a new voice

I am happy to present Museion Bulletin: a new voice that delves below the surface of the Museion program to establish a more independent institutional consciousness […]

He walks and walks and walks

Walking is man’s most natural activity. Unless something unfortunate intervenes to prevent it. So, if we consider art as special or different, it may come as […]

See you in eight days at 2 p.m. at Sella Pass: Richard Long in the Dolomites

In 1996 the artist, Richard Long, one of the best-known representatives of the European Land Art movement, accepted Karin Welponer’s invitation to stage a solo show […]

Raymond Pettibon and the massive wave that inundated Museion

I will never forget meeting Raymond Pettibon outside Museion, which in 2003 was still housed in a former hospital in Bolzano. I had been asked to […]

Walking: basically means making your life difficult

“Walking to the North or South Pole, climbing Everest or exploring contemporary art, always means making your life more difficult and suffering a little bit. But […]

Walking as a generator of thought: ten books to explore – COPIA




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