The idea of taking contemporary art out of the museum, to unexpected places, has led to Museion setting up a series of projects outside of its institutional venue. One of the first was the Piccolo Museion – Cubo Garutti in the Don Bosco neighbourhood of Bolzano, designed by the artist Alberto Garutti. Since 2004 the Cube has displayed works from Museion’s collection, but above all site-specific projects in collaboration with local residents and neighbourhood associations.

Thanks to a series of collaborations and special projects with public and private partners – from the company ewo, based in Cortaccia, to Thun of Bolzano and the Hotel Bauer in Venice – Museion has also presented its exhibitions and collection in very special locations. In addition to loans to museums as well as national and international institutions, Museion’s works have also been presented in shows in institutions abroad such as the “Embassy Goes Contemporary” event in the Italian Embassy in Berlin (2012).

Peter Fellin, Meditations

Opening: 21/05/2020, 11 am 22/05/2020 – 31/10/2020 Museion and the Hofburg Brixen Diocesan Museum pay tribute to the artist Peter Fellin (b. Revò 1920, d. Merano, […]

Museum as Toolbox

Frida Carazzato, curatorial assistant at MSU Zagreb, for Museum as Toolbox.

Displaced Positions – 12 artists about migration

“Displaced Positions”, a new initiative staged by the Dr. Friedrich Teßmann Provincial Library in Bolzano in collaboration with Museion, the Integration and Coordination Service of the […]