The original South Tyrol garden gnome created by Paul Thuile in collaboration with Giardineria Schullian.

“The Bruno garden gnome is less cute than his Walt Disney colleagues but, more importantly, he has infinitely more style. He wears an elegant “Sarner” (a typical boiled wool cardigan from the Sarentino Valley) with a “Schurz” over it, the traditional blue apron that people from the South Tyrol wear when they have to do something important. And on his feet, he sports a pair of buckled Tyrolean shoes. Bruno’s look is completed by his classic pointed hat, flowing white beard and insouciant gaze. Result: or you love him, or you hate him.”


Courtesy: Floricoltura Schullian, Bolzano, Italy
Hand-painted ceramics.

Weight 0.290 kg
Dimensions 25.5 × 9.5 cm

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